Pakikiramay or Condolences: A Hilot for the Family who have died a love one

As i practice Hilot over the years, i am learning new things on my daily practice as i provide Hilot to the people especially to my Family Members. I learn Hilot not only as a Physical Medicine that heals the body but also as a medicine that could heal the soul. All of us wanted to live a happy life and Hilot could help us obtain it by having a healthy Body, Mind and Soul. Holistic Wellness as i learn into my journey does not only rely on the Physical Health but also on how a certain body will welcome Death.


img20190221153704-312668394.jpgOn April 19, 2019 by 8:30 PM my Beloved Mother Raquel Payco Gomez Comon have already crossed the veil to the After Life peacefully. She have survived Mutliple Stroke, Chronic Kidney Disease and Hip Replacement Surgery at the age of 68. She have received love and care from our Family members specially from her Husband and Children. Allopathic and Traditional Health care have been implemented to her as well as Emotional and Spiritual care have been provided.

As my Mother’s caregiver and Hilot, Healing have been applied to her successfully that for 4 months of caring she had enjoyed life with us her family. Now that my mother have passed away, healing and caring is continually given not to her body but now to her soul and to the souls of her family member. Nightly vigil and visitation for the condolences from the People whom my mother have touched will help her soul to reach peacefully her place in the afterlife as well as for us to receive comfort and healing.


My Mother is my number 1 fan and advocate in Hilot Academy and through her i made a vow to advance Traditional, Indigenous and Natural Medicine in the Philippines. As my mother strive her best to make a one foot step forward, I believe that our Hilot will be the same.

I thought to my self that i will give up Hilot, but through her spirit i was encourage to continue this devotion of promoting Hilot as Traditional Medicine in the Philippines.





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