Hilot is Not a Business

As Manghihilot we do not seek for people get sick so that we could heal them, but rather we open our homes to people who need our help. We do not make business of our skills to earn a living but we offer people to extend their life through our craft.

We do not take pleasure if people are suffering from pain. Our heart are being crushed as we see our patient suffer from extreme pain due to their illness.

As Manghihilot we are not business man but rather we are teachers. Not a professional one but we teach our patient how to take care of them selves. We do not hold our patient for long to earn money from them, but instead we expect our patient to become a Manghihilot too as they beem healed by Hilot.

Learning Hilot is not through theory but rather by experience. Hilot does not claim that we have scientific explanation for everything but we explain things as how we experience it. Hilot does not have written records or books to study the art of healing, but we learn Hilot from experts who have a long year of experience in providing it to the community.

Expertise and reputation of Manghihilot is not based on Certificate and Diploma but through the number of people and cases s/he provide hilot.


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