Mental Disorder and Hilot

I have watched K Brosas which is a Filipina Comedian/Singer/Actress talk about depression on Facebook. I thought i am going to laugh so hard becuase she was a known singer/comedian but instead the laughter that im about to give was replaced by Wow!

I share it here the youtube link that K Brosas Talks about depression. And i agree with her that depressionand anxiety is a mental disorder. She talks about the unreleased childhood anger and fear that she kept inside her for a long time. When she goes to the Hospital all the best doctor can not see any problem when everytime she experience palpitation, tremoring of nerves and emotional down break until she was refered to a Psychiatrist.

There the doctor prescribed her drug to pacify her condition. But what the doctor is treating is just the symptom of the problem and not the main problem it self. As a Traditional Medicine Practitioner, i see that there is no synthetic drug that could bend and heal the mental disorder of a person. The healing must come from the person him/her self and not on drugs. What is in our head is just a physical organ, but our mind comes from outside our physical body.

In Hilot we give importance to the role of Tawas or Spiritual Diagnosis because through this procedure we are touching the persons emotion, mind and spirit that makes the physical body move.

As an individual we react to outside stimulus. And from stimulating our senses i creates bio chemical reaction that affects our being.

In Tawas, we are arranging the persons perception and helping them to have relief and suddenly cure from the situation they have.


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