Hilot Pahid (Philippine Wellness Massage)

Hilot Pahid

Hilot Pahid is the Massage Technique of the Philippines. It is one of the Healing Modality of Hilot as TESDA have adopted and known as Hilot Wellness (Massage). It is categorized under the Element of Fire in bringing warmth to the body in stimulating nerve endings as well as the muscles groups and in aligning bones.

Hilot Pahid aside from the application of Medicinal Oil and Herbs uses 5 manipulative touch strokes in order to balance the harmony of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.


  • Principles and Philosophy of Hilot Wellness Massage
  • Concept of Health, Illness and Wellness
  • Indication and Contraindication
  • Finding comfort
  • The 5 Manipulative Strokes
  • The Wellness Massage procedures


16 HOURS ( 2 DAYS)

FEE: PHP 6000.00

For more information, inquiries, schedules and appointment please contact Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 or email at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com


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