Indigenous Herbal Product

Healthcare must be a non negotiable industry in the Philippines but should not be a monopoly capitalism.

People must have an access to healthcare of their choice. Even in the field of Herbal Medicine there is a trend of capitalizing on imported herbal products.

Our country is rich on Natural Resources and has plenty of medicinal herbs that grows naturally in the yards of every Filipino home. Due to uneducation, commercial advertisement of imported herbal products are within reach to the Filipinos through multi media. There are only few who promote local herbal products in our country and one of this is the Bio Nutri Wealth.

Yesterday we visit the office of Bionutriwealth enterprises to see their herbal products and on how they help Filipino people in taking care of their health.

Together with Ms. Grace Sanico of I Steps Inc. and Lunas ay Hilot sa Kalusugan with Lakay Alsent Magbaya of Luntiang Aghama, we had a meeting with Ms. Marisa Flores and Mr. Joe of Bionutri Wealth Enterprises to discuss about their products and its bemefit to the health of the Filipino people.

Soon we will introduce here their products and how it well help you maintain optimum health and wellness.


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