Our Youtube Account is suspended

I am trying to upload video on our youtube channel for Hilot TV. This video content that i have uploaded on Facebook does not allow by youtube as they determine it to violate their community standard.

The case on which they suspend our YouTube account is spam, scams or commercially deceptive content. According to their standard, this is how they define this standard:

So in their definition, we are accused of creating misleading descriptions, tags, titles of thumb nails; where as we upload video of the 5 manipulative strokes in Hilot Massage that focuses on applying oil that we call Pahid.

This incident of suspending our youtube channel is very sad on my part as i give effort on developing and creating content that will spread awareness of our very own Traditional Healing modalities, but since we are in social media, the people behind these platform seems to be the experts in these modalities.

I feel that Youtube doesnt want people to know new things and wanted only to rely on the content what Youtube provide in the Public.

Social Media such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other platform such as these and WordPress have a very powerful role in influencing peoples mind as people now-a-days are so much hooked on these platform.

And these platform becomes the world standard of modern learning as people around the world use it everyday and every moment in their lives not only as to relieve their ignorance and sadness but also to reach out people across the seas and continents.

People uses these platforms to like and be liked so as to earn a heart from millions of people who live across this planet. Aside from gaining likes and hearts, we also gain knowledge from the contents created every moment, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years.

Well for the content creator who spend all of their time and effort in creating, i salute you for being so wonferful in doing all of your stuffs; and for me, well i have to wait until next time that i could post again my content in youtube or better yet if i have sufficient fund i will upgrade my subsctiption to wordpress to be able to upload video through VideoPress.

There are many other things that Hilot Academy could provide to the world as the world need to know about Hilot. We are using these platforms to re introduce our Ancient Healing Arts but as for now, we are limited to do it only on the real world.

I hope that we could see each other personally on the traditional face to face encounter and not only in social media like this.


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