The Babaylan and Hilot

The Babaylan are called differently from different ethnic tribes in the Philippines.

In the Katagalugan Region, the Babaylan are known as Katalona and from the Katalona there are babaylan who do specific task such as the healer is known as Manggagamot; Herbalist as Lubus; Spiritual Medium as Anitero/ Anitera; Diviner as Manghuhula; and midwife as Hilot.

The work of Hilot is derived from the authority and power of the Babaylan.

The knowledge of Manghihilot is derived from the wisdom of the Babaylan which are the eldest amongst the Human creation of the Diwata.

In ancient times of our History, the Babaylan are the counselor of the tribal Chief and the mediator of the People to the Divine.

The counsel of the Babaylan help people to cross to the light from Darkness.

Now-a-days, the work of manghihilot must have a Divine ordination and not a mundane institutionalization and standardization.

There is no government instution who can lead the work of manghihilot but the institution that been bestowed by the Divine to the Babaylan.

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