Manghihilot Festival

Healing Festival is already an existing project of the Local Government of Siquijor as the province was known to be an Island of Magick and Healing.

Great healers can be found in this province and sad to say government agencies doesnt give any support from them except to the DILG, DTI and Department of Tourism.

People around the world travel by air, land and seas to witness and experience the healing wonders of the Filipino that are concentrated in Siquijor Islands; that every Holy Week local healers found their own pride and identity as Filipino Healer.

But great Healers in the Philippines are not all can be found in Siquijor. They are scattered all around the Philippines. And we in the academy have been blessed to participate on the annual event in Siquijor.

This year, on October 28 you do not need to go to Siquijor just to become part of this Annual Healing Festival. We are making Manghihilot Festival to be part of municipality, city and provinces as part of our cultural heritage and tourism industry.

Join us and be part of our Manghihilot Pride in reclaiming back our Identity as Hilot.


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