Take Hilot as a Whole and not by Parts

In taking Hilot as part of reclaiming of our National Identity must not conform to the modern standards of society. Hilot is our own Traditional and Natural Medicine that has own diagnostic and treatment method.

Our Government is spending money in making research to revive the Hilot as Philippines Traditional and Complementary Medicine but if their focus is just on reclaiming Hilot as a form of Massage, then it is a waste of time and money.

If the Core group is focusing on Hilot as Massage, then let all hilot masahista be regulated by DoH CEMT and be licensed professional. But Hilot research must also include the traditional diagnostic method which is Tawas.

In 2009 as i remember, there is a Party List representative in Quezon City who sponsor the study of Hilot Wellness Massage that merge the study of Hilot Massage into Swedish Massage. Her reason why she make this learning program aside from the employablity reason also she want to make it more scientific and less superstitious and animistic.

In our forum, it always said that people reject the use and practice of Tawas because it is a Pagan Culture and most Filipino are Christians.

It is true that modern Filipino are now Christians, but Hilot is not a Christian modality. Hilot is a healing modality that been taught by the Babaylan to the People; and the Babaylan are the Priest of the Diwata and Anito who are the ancient God of the Filipino people which predates Christianity and Islam.

Through this sacred science and art of Healing that been taught to us by the Babaylan, our present generation exist. But through colonialism, our own identity as a nation have been poisoned and become westernized.

Now we have come to an age of decolonization as a form of detoxifying our cultural identity and rebooting our selves again according to our very own setting (like an android or smart phone reboot into factory setting), we have to accept all and not just part.

If you only reclaim Hilot in a form of Massage, then you are a Massage Therapist and not Hilot.


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