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Pagsasala/ Panghihila Ritual

“Pagsasala” means filtering and “Panghihila” means pulling. This ritual is also a form of Diagnostic measure using banana leaf. Aside from diagnostic it can be also a mean of cure by leaving the leaves on the part of the body through “tapal”. Course Content: Medicinal Use of Banana Leaf Herbal Alternative Oils to be used Making Traditional Lamp and its

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Herbal Hilot Class

Herbal Plants are the first medicine of the Filipino People. In this certification course, student will be reintroduced to the powers of herbs in affecting cure and healing. Course Content Herbalist Philosophy Identifying the healing herbs medicinal terminology indication and contraindication methods of application Herbal Preparation The Healing Power of Pagsasala/ Banana Leaf Scanning in Hilot Masahe Herbal Hilot for

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TAWAS Diagnostic

Tawas Diagnostic is the Traditional Filipino Diagnostic procedure conducted by a Manghihilot prior to implementing cure or remedy to the illness of a person. Traditionally the art of practicing Tawas was passed down from the Generation of Healer or was given through a Spiritual Vision. Now in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we have documented procedures and develop learning instructions in

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