The Spiritual Aspect of Hilot and why it is inseparable?

Hilot Academy of Binabaylan offers training program that mostly deal with the Spirits. But why we are offering this when Hilot tends to care for the Body of an ailing patients?

Well our ancestors believed that a Body without a Spirit is dead, and taking care of the Spirit of Life in human will provide them optimum health and wellness. We believe that Life comes from the Spirit and the integration of the Spirit to the Human body makes them live.

Human is a complete being that is composed of the Physical Body, Emotional Body, Intellectual/Mental Body, Social and Spiritual Body. These aspects of Man pertains to the 5 Elemental Components or Ingredients that made mankind. Balancing the Elements by caring for the Spirit within Human will provide them the fullness of Life. In Hilot, we are not just dealing with the individual spirit of the person but also we deal with nature as they could affect the condition of the spirit of life of a person.

This is why we offer Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit working Course that offers certification to an individual to become a Magtatawas/ Pangatauhan/ Pangutanahan and Magaanito. All those terms or title are one certification that an Individual could use when they have completed this course. It is one qualification of a Babaylan out of 7 in accordance to the studies of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. In this certification program, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will certify an Individual and grant them a title of Magtatawas/ Pangutanahan/Pangatauhan or Magaanito.


This title are used by a person who does ritual divination or spiritual diagnosis.


This title is derived from the Visayan word Pangutana which means to ask questions. Thus the role of the Pangutanahan is to answer questions of the people who are ill.


This is a traditional Title or name of the Tagalog Diviner. This is much appropriate term to use rather than to Manghuhula which can be translated as Guesser or the one who makes a Guess.


Magaanito or Panganituhan is more traditional term for magtatawas who conducts divinatory ritual or spirit diagnosis. They aim to communicate with the Spirits either of Human, Ancestral, Nature or Divine Spirit. Maganito means to conduct ritual.

In Tagalog Language- there are no translation for the word Ritual, but the term Anituhan which is working with the spirits can be used instead of the tagalized word “ritwal” for the english word RITUAL.


Why is it difficult for us to stay at home?

3D illustration of Coronavirus, virus which causes SARS and MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

With the rise of this pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus Disease 2019, many people around the world are asked by our government to stay at home and be safe. This is one of the model that we as human being can beat the spread of the Coronavirus Disease which is by not being exposed and contaminated with this pestilence that is spreading to fast.

Staying at home means that you only connect with people that you trust. You are not exposed to strangers that you do not personally know outside of your home and the person you might encounter outside be a carrier of the deadly virus. But it seems that staying at home is difficult to do. The more we are asked to stay at home and be safe, the more we struggle to go out and have the chance to be infected with the virus. This is the current problem of the world government right now aside from the virus, are the people or the citizens specially here in the Philippines. It seems that this simple ordinance of our government is the most difficult law to observe. People think of it as an abuse of authority and violation of the government to human rights. Well our government can explain themselves in implementing this law but to the commoners it will be difficult for them to understand.

As Manghihilot we already have recognize the danger of what can this virus bring on to us, but we must also understand why do people around the world are having difficulty to stay at home?

Baby comes out from her mother’s womb through C Section

Probably the first reason why is it difficult for people to stay at home because as human we are designed to come out like when we are born into this world, we are pushed out from our mothers womb. And when we are growing, we are being cultivated to go out of our home such as playing in the park or hanging out at the mall with friends, buying stuffs at store, market or groceries. We even go out of our home to study at school and even worship God in a church.

Almost all human activities requires of going out of our home and this because of the progress of commercialization of almost every thing. We are being influenced that all of our needs to have a better life can be found outside our home. Such as in having a good income opportunity you have to go out of your house to work in a company that pays good salary. The Filipino way of thinking that working in Manila or even abroad is much better that staying at home. But what we all forget is that life started inside and not outside.

When egg is broken by an outside force, for sure that egg is dead. But when it breaks out from inside, there is new life that we can expect in this world.

At this pandemic outbreak of the Coronavirus, our planet is transforming into a new world. Many of us may not understand what is happening, but one thing for sure is that we are being taught to go back to the basic. And the basic thing that we need to learn is to stay at home. Staying at home right now can be likened into a seed planted on the ground. We need to be inside the earth so that we could germinate life. It is the same thing that happen to a caterpillar, he weave his cocoon and stays there until he is transformed into a beautiful butterfly.

Transformation will not happen if we stay outside. Today is a day where we change our selves into something beautiful and wonderful. This is a wonderful time for us to heal and be re created into something worth of praise and glory. This is the time for us now to be part of Human Evolution, which is strong and healthy and at the same time united in love with our Family.

Halika Na Workshop: Babaylan Studies on Philippine Traditional Hilot

Join us on this powerful collaboration of Filipino Healers as we share to the world the Filipino Ancient Ways of Healing. On the said event, Four powerful healers will work together to create a Vortex of Energy to awaken the inner healing powers of those who will attend the Workshop.
Our Collaborators who will present their gifts to the world are:

Hilot Marketing

Apung Lagitan: A Mumbaki of Ifugao


Mamerto Tindongan who is an 8 Generation Shaman from Brgy. Kinakin, Banaue, Ifugao, Philippines. He will share to us his technique on Self Healing through Shamanic Journey and the Ifugao Style Qigong which he develop and known as UMUWANCHIYAN CHI NITAGUWAN.


Archimedes De Leon is a Certified Yoga Instructor who is the visionary of this Halika Na Workshop will guide us everyday by giving daily inspiration and Yoga experience.


Lakay Magbaya Aghama who is a Binabaylang Tala of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which is a revivalist church on Philippine Traditional Indigenous Spirituality will lead us to attune to our selves to the energies of the ancestors;


and Apu Adman Aghama, the Founder of Landas Ng Lahi and Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will teach us our ancestral knowledge on Filipino Indigenous Healing.


For more details kindly contact Archimedes De Leon at:

09172489016 globe

+639989209920 smart

These beautiful scenery awaits you in Brgy. Tupsan, Municipality of Mahinog, Camiguin Island, Philippines.

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There will be 2 batch of training depends on your availability.

The First Batch will be on June 22 to July 4, 2020 which are dedicated to Japanese Participants. And for this you have to contact Ms. Mayumi Saito. And the 2nd Batch will be on July 6-18, 2020.

Ms. Mayumi Saito

齋藤 真弓(For Japanese)


Available Slot for participants: 20

Registration Fee: USD 2700.00

Activity Inclusions:

  • Food (Breakfast and Lunch)
  • Hilot Learning Materials and Certificate
  • Daily Yoga
  • Tour in Camiguin

Daily Time Routine:

6:00 AM Wake Up/ Morning preparation
7:00 AM Daily Yoga & Meditation
8:00 AM Breakfast
9:00 AM Worshop
12:00 NN Lunch
1:00 PM Class Resume
6:00 PM End of Class
Apu Adman teaching the 7 Ancestral Power

Hilot Class Expectations

The Hilot Workshop will be divided into 2 parts. The First 4 days will focus on Mind and Spiritual Workings and the other last half will involve literal Body work as we learn how to apply the Philippine Traditional Hilot as our Ancestral Healing Arts and Science.

At the end of the said workshop, the Participants are expected to perform confidently and competently the following skills as has been taught by our teachers.

  • Gather Patient/ Client Profile
  • Pulse Reading Analysis
  • Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis
  • TAWAS : Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System
  • Hilot Hygiene (Suob, Hilod, Paligo)
  • Herbal Hilot: The Use of herbs in affecting cure (healing oil, liniment, ointment, tincture, syrup and tablets)
  • Dagdagay/ Kulis: Philippine Traditional Foot Massage
  • Bentusa Fire Cupping
  • Hilot Pahid: The Art of Applying oil in performing Wellness Massage