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Tawas: A Hilot method of Diagnosis

Tawas is an abstract form of communication whereas the practitioner of Tawas gather information from the subject utilizing tools such as paper, water, candle, oils and others to observe and analyze form and symbols. It is a indigenous art of Divination and Diagnosis practiced by rural folks to determine the cause of illness. In Hilot or Philippine Traditional Medicine, the

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Init at Liwanag (Heat and Light)

During our Hilot Pahid workshop, we have defined Hilot healing modality as with the use of Halaman (herbs), Init (heat), Liwanag (light), Oras / Orasyon ( Time/ Prayer or therapeutic Communication) and Tubig (Water). From these acronyms of the healing modality that hilot employed, one participant have asked what is the difference between heat and light since light produces heat.

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Gift of Healing from the Barter Trade

The tradition of Hilot was known as no money involved until a superstition was created that when a manghihilot charge money for the services s/he redered his or her power of healing will get lost. So instead of money, manghihilot only recieves gifts or goods for the services s/he rendered. This thinking makes all manghihilot to become financially unstable. But

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