Embracing the Challenges of Time

Hilot is a Filipino Traditional Healing modality that been passed down by our ancestors orally to their relatives and students. Most of the time people learn this sacred healing arts through apprenticeship and not in school. Usually patients who has been healed by a Manghihilot are the one who are likely to become an apprenctice of manghihilot as that person will share the gift of healing that they receive from Hilot. And now at this 21st century, Hilot is adopting to the modern challenges of this world that we can now learn this sacred healing arts and science of Filipino Hilot Online.

Before the pandemic of Coronavirus, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan offers in person and live in training program to any individual that wish to learn our Ancient and Sacred Healing Arts of the Filipino People. People from different countries such as USA, Canada, France, Austria, Italy, Japan and Chile have come to the Philippines to learn Hilot. But because of the Pandemic and the social distancing policy implemented by most government leaders, Hilot Training has been halted. But on June 2020, we have open up our academy again but this time students will not come to the Philippines but instead they can learn Hilot at the comfort of their home through our Hilot Online Training.

The face-to-face training will be missed but people around the world will now have an opportunity to learn Hilot even without coming to the Philippines through our online platform which is at Google Classroom. And this website that is powered by WordPress.com is very beneficial in becoming an instrument of Defining Hilot of the 21st Century to the world. Of course aside from Google and WordPress, we also upload our Video lectures through YouTube. And here is one of our lessons that we talk about in Hilot Online Training.

If you are interested to learn Hilot, our August 2020 Class is now open for enrollment. Kindly click here for details.

The Sacred Fire of Life

It’s been one year already that we have our Hilot Binabaylan come to learn with us. And i want to share it here for the world to know her experience.

4 years ago, nati and mamerto did a spirit clearing on me and said that I am the reincarnation of my great great lolo; that something not finished is coming through me. my family does not have access to that generation, but this past Christmas, I found out that great lolo fermin was a manghihilot. reiki has been so helpful in my healing, but I felt it was necessary to honor and learn my own people’s energy and healing modalities, especially knowing healers were in my family.

for months I have been setting the intention to learn hilot, and today, I was initiated as hilot binabaylan. i laugh because universe has a way of synchronicity. I found out only recently that the training would be an 8-day live in study, and decided to change my plans so that I can squeeze in training before the busyness of HK and expo. today was my last day of study and of course it ends up being on the strawberry moon, a portal of expansion and initiation/full moon in sagittarius, my moon at that. lol, universe.

apu adman let me know that a diwata visited my room last night and told him my spirit name; that I will find out later during closing ritual. during my ceremony, apu and lakay called on the diwata that guides me to serve as witness. they wrote 14 names of the diwata and rolled them up for me to choose one. who else but the white bright moon, Diwata Bulan La Mogoaw, the moon goddess. apu and lakay just laughed and smiled because I kept taking pictures of the rising full moon the night prior and kept singing the small lyrics I know of “buwan.” I truly am a daughter of the moon. she calls me and I am listening. this diwata will continue to guide me on my path as a healer and she has blessed me with the name, “Dayang Alab ng Liwanag” – blaze of light, keeper of sacred fire of life. they already printed out the certificate before I chose my diwata guide….

most of my family think that hilot is only massage, but hilot is such deep connection to spirit 😭, and specifically how to heal with body with H (halaman, herbs), I (init, heat), L (linawag, light), O (horas, orasyon, time; prayer), T (tubig, water). my tawas (form of divination through paper, egg, or candle wax) sent a clear message that my ancestors were communicating with me and asking me to answer my call of healer, babaylan, manghihilot. there was no other way but to get so sick, face near death with tsw and pneumonia, for me to understand this path of shadow, light, and spirit. through this path, I have come to build a relationship to plants and prayer in forms of meditation, movement, intention. i am honored to be a hilot binabaylan, reviving the duties and responsibilities of the babaylan in my lineage.

I have no other words than my people are magic. I am only at the beginning of my journey. I have a lot to learn and unlearn, and am readying myself to walk the path of both spirit and earth. I asked ancestors where to even begin and I am reminded to just trust; I will continue to be present on this path to see where it leads me. today, I am happy to be hilot binabaylan. I feel blessed to have had this sacred opportunity to learn from and live with apu and lakay for the past 8 days. I am missing the busy sounds of San Jose del monte, bulacan. I am missing the constant exchange of learning between us. I am missing our shared meals together and laughter. thank you deeply, apu Rolando Gomez Comon and Lakay ALsent Magbaya Aghama, and for those who sent affirmations during my study.

The Function of Life

Teaching Hilot online is a new experience to us. Though it is less exciting than the normal face-to-face class but it brought out the creative talent that is within us as a trainer. As we share our knowledge and skills online we also are adding up to our own experience on how to improve our selves in delivering our advocacy message to our students.

On this article we are sharing to you a video clip that is part of our Video lecture that talk about the Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness. You can watch the whole video by enrolling to our Non Contact Healing modality: Mind and Spirit Working Class through our Hilot Online Training. In this short clip video we have talked about the Function of Life to organization. Watch the entire clip to learn on why Life has the Function for Organization?

When we talk about Organization you might think about a structure, group of people gathering together with leadership and membership. Yes it is like that because this social structure that we have is patterned to the Physical structure that is within our Body. In this video we have discussed about that our body being a unified whole that is made up of individual body parts as a member. In this we understand that each body parts from cells, tissues, organs to organismal system works together to make our entire body function well. Even the tiniest pores that can be seen in your skin as an outward appearance has its special function.

This wisdom is a good thing to know so that we could apply it also to our social organization level. Social Organization such as Habi or Luntiang Aghama is made up of people who gather together in one cause. As an organization we work to accomplish certain goal. And this goal is pushed by its leadership and members work together to accomplish these goals. Every part of the group must coordinate and cooperate to one another; and this is done through Communication. Most of the time, the Leader communicates their ideas and so as the members also communicate theirs to the leader. Communication happen when there is an exchange of ideas going on such as the sender and receiver process of communication. When a certain part does not communicate, there might be a barrier that been build up so that communication will not happen. With that happening, to process of cooperation and coordination will also be hindered that will affect the whole. These issues must be addressed by Hilot in order to revive and restore back the process of operation of the group. This is the same thing that we do in our physical body.

Learning the techniques of Hilot will allow us to determine the problem that is happening within the body. By removing the hindering blocks, it will restore back the flow of communication so that each body part may continue to coordinate and cooperate to one another to produce a unified whole. And with this, the principle of Balancing the Faculty of Man may happen which is stated Filipino as:

Sa isip. Sa Salita at Sa Gawa!

In thoughts. In Words. and In Deed!

The three faculties of man

Suob Treatment becomes trending in Cebu City

From the start of this Pandemic of Covid 19, all medical and even the para medical community are working as one in finding cure to stop the spread of covid 19 all over the world. And different countries have their own local version of preventive medicine so that they will not catch the infection of Covid 19. Here in the Philippines as early as March 2020, there is a local Filipino Traditional Medicine that becomes trending on Social Media that been practiced by Filipino to counter act and protect them from the effect of Covid 19 and that is Suob.

Last week I receive a call from the production research team of Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho which is a TV show of GMA 7 asking me some information about the effectiveness of Suob. And the video that you will see below is the full segment that talks about the topic we are sharing now.

Though at the beginning of this video we can see a tragedy has been presented in performing suob as an infant has been accidentally burned by a boiling water in doing suob. Before we discuss here the efficacy and benefits of Suob as a Traditional Filipino Healing modality, i want to give you a heads up in practicing safety as well.

In this traditional method of affecting cure, we are invoking the element of fire to produce heat in our body. So like in how we treat fire, we should handle this element with care as it might burn us and be injured. When we work with Fire, we should observe safety distance to it as it may give benefit to us or the worst is that it can injure us. Fire produces light as well as heat. It can directly affect our sense of sight as well as our sense of touch. When it affect our sense of sight, it provides us light to see the colors and beauty of the world; and as it affect the sense of touch, we can feel its temperature and will give us also a clear sense of identifying what is rough, smooth, soft and hard as it can activates our nerve endings to determine those things.

In performing our Traditional Suob, i have to remind everyone that we have two types. The first one is the Dry Suob and the other one is the Wet Suob. These two types of Suob has its own prescription to it self. This mean that both type of suob has different healing effect depending on the illness that you have. This matter has been discussed when you take our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Course here at Hilot Academy.

So in doing suob, the safe distance that need to observe between the skin and the fire should be 1 meter or 3 feet away. Of course when i say Fire i don’t meant it to be a burning flame. What i only mean is just an ember flame such as putting a charcoal in fire but it is not flaming.

On using wood ember to create a fume or vapor, we put fresh pounded healing herbs on it. Putting dry leaves on the ember will create big fire as it fuels and this will be dangerous as it will burn you. The purpose of our Suob Palina is to employ the fume or vapor to do their job in healing and the burning coal and fire is only an agent so that we may extract the healing properties of herbs that we need in healing. It is not also advised to place on fire medicinal oil such as the one commercially produced as it use Mineral Oil which is highly flammable or even herbal healing oil that is made with natural organic nutritive oil. On stone ember, you sprinkle it with herbal infused water or tea to create vapor. Remember in doing this you have to observe 3 feet distance to the fire as it may burn you. The only thing that you need in this treatment is the vapor or fume and not the fire it self.

This is the same when you apply Wet suob. You boil water with incorporating healing herbs. Turn off the fire and place the cauldron of boiled herbs under the chair and sit down cover your self with a blanket as the vapor rise to your body and make you sweat. In doing steam inhalation, you place the basin of boiled healing herbs on a table, open an umbrella and place a blanket over it so that you may inhale safely the vapor. With this i will make a video on how to do this steam inhalation suob for proper guidance of the Public.

My thoughts on Hilot Online Training

This June 2020 we are about to implement our Hilot Online Program (HoT). This mean that there will be no Face-to-face classes but instead we are going to transfer the Ancestral Knowledge of Philippine Traditional Healing Arts and Science purely online. This will be a great opportunity for everyone to take class without coming here in the Philippines where ever you are in the world. The Hilot online Training will save you from spending travel fare and room accommodation expenses.

As a requirement, you need to have at least a Desk Top, Laptop, Ipod/Tablet or smart phone that can be connected to Internet. Then on your device you need to have a web browser either Google Chrome, Mozila Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc. You also need to download Google Classroom App, Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Drive and Google Meet for Video Call and Conferencing.

Our expected activities during the class will be the following:

  • Reading Information Sheets
  • Watching Video Presentation/ Demonstration
  • Answering Self Check Evaluations
  • Video Filming for return demonstration/ Observation
  • Video Call/ Conferencing for evaluation/ assessment.

At this moment, Hilot Online Training only provides Non Contact Hilot Modality such as the Mind and Spiritual Workings which will help you to master on Psycho and Emotional Health as well as on Bio Chemistry through employment of Herbs.

Before we make our schedule on the actual training, let me express my self clearly through this Video.

Ever since we start our training program in the Academy, the method of teaching hilot was always been live and in person. It is the same thing that our ancestors do in transferring their knowledge of the Healing Arts and Science to their apprentice. Since Learning Hilot is not just transferring skills knowledge and techniques of healing, but it is more about developing relationship from Students to their teacher. It is the same thing that you will do when you are already practicing Hilot to your patient/client you have to build relationship with them.

Learning in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan is not about satisfying the amount of money you pay to learn Hilot, but it is about gaining experience of what really Hilot is all about. That is the reason why we asked our previous student to stay with us in one roof to learn Hilot with us, because most of the lessons in hilot can not be found on a scheduled learning materials but on the random event that occurs during the training period.

Each words, actions and thoughts that come to us during the days you stay with us are part of the learning process. Each breathe; each emotions and even single creatures that come to pass on our way will give us message that will bring forth learning to us. And now, time is teaching us to evolve and adopt to the modern changes that is happening around us. And we will face this with Faith to the Divine that we will overcome this challenge and bring us success.

So until then, wait for our further announcement on when we are going to start our class this June 2020.

2019 Status of Habi

FB_IMG_1547645416443Year 2019 is almost over and before it end, we thank the Universe for its blessings and challenges that we have met through this year. At the start of the year i thought that it will be permanently Good Bye for Habi as i plan to stop sharing my knowledge and experience in Philippine Traditional Hilot and focus on attending to my Mother’s failing health. But despite of the situation while my mother is in the Hospital, i had an opportunity to be Interviewed on a TV Show at GMA 7 I juander about Hilot.

free consultationThe TV interview and my nanay’s condition encourage me to do well in Hilot that i started to formulate the Amulaser Tablet Herbal Food Supplement and that is the first blessings that came to Habi in 2019. Though in the past i already tried making herbal capsules and tea bags but it does not goes well for me. I’m not discouraging anyone not to use capsules but making herbal tablet works faster than using capsules or tea which you will learn more if you enroll to our Hilot Herbal Class.

When my nanay died, all my dreams for Hilot collapsed and said to my self to totally stop everything and keep it all to my self including my faith. The death of my nanay hurt me as i feel that i’ve been a failure. As people come to comfort the family through my nanay’s lost, the voice of the Spirit cheered me up and affirm that my Nanay want me to continue the works that i’ve started in preserving and promoting Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine. And through Nanay’s Blessing she blessed us to produce new Hilot Binabaylan from Washington DC, USA; Turin, Italy; and in Grenoble, France. And on September i welcome Stroke patient for home visitation treatment.

As i meditate on the Status of Hilot Academy, i recognize our struggle in reintroducing Hilot to the world specially to our Fellow Filipino. The real meaning of Hilot is heavily calloused by the misconception that it is a form of massage due to the limitations of the government policy imposed to its practitioners in order for modern medicine to take place instead of applying the Traditional Wisdom of our Ancestors.

In Hilot academy we emphasize that Hilot is not just a form of Massage but a complete art and science of diagnostic, healthcare and treatment of physical, emotional and mental illness practiced by our ancestors. You will experience Authentic Hilot if you booked an appointment to visit us.

People might think that Hilot Academy of Binabaylan is a business for profit institution but in reality it is not.

Hilot Academy is an Educational Ministry member of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. The Academy only operates as an Educational Institution during the availability of the Students. HIlot Academy does not have School Calendar or specific dates when we offer our classes. All of our Training Program are designed for one-on-one or group actual sharing and transfer of technology to all who request to learn from us. Unlike regular schools that needs to meet the minimum number of enrollees before the training program to commence; in Hilot Academy we do our class even if there is only one enrollee.

During its operation, the Academy will ask certain amount of money to its student in a form of Training Fee that will compensate our trainers as well as for the expenses on the Training Modules, Materials, Venue, Food and Accommodation of he stay-in student/s. Not all day, weeks or month we have student. So if we rely our living to the income that we earn through teaching hilot, it will not sustain the daily living of our volunteers. The operation of the Academy is purely based on dedication and in its advocacy to preserve our Traditional and Indigenous Medicine which is part of our Cultural Identity as Filipino.

By the Year 2020, we will still continue to share our knowledge of Filipino Traditional, Indigenous and Natural Medicine in preservation and promotion of Hilot. But this coming year, we will focus on Herbal Cultivation and Production so that we can share it to people who are in need. Students who will enroll into our Training Program will have the chance to sponsor underpreviledged individual that is suffering from Cancer, Diabetes or KIdney problem to have free Amulaser Herbal Tablet that could help them relieve from their condition. We believe that Mother Nature has a cure for our illness and through your enrollment to us we can extend the blessings of healing to come to those people using our product.

With these goal in 2020, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will document all the plants, herbs and trees that grow in our backyard. We already have Aloe Vera, Acapulco, Avocado, Cacao, Guava, Guyabano, Gotu kola, Makabuhay, Mulberry, Mugwort, Nyog Nyogan (Ficus Psuedopalma Blanco), Serpentina, Sinenguelas, Turmeric, Star Apple, oregano, pandan, tungkod pari, Mango and Lagundi. We will set a special page of these plants on our website indicating its medicinal properties and the illnesses that it could heal.

We will utilize these gifts of Mother Nature to us and apply our knowledge in manufacturing Herbal Products such as Healing Oil, Salve, Liniment, Tincture, Syrup, Medicated Bath Soap, and Herbal Tablet as food supplements.

Our doors will remain open to those who seek healing through hilot and they can have it through donation basis. The elderly specially those who suffer from cardio vascular ailments such as stroke will be our outmost priority and the only case that we can do for home.visitation treatment. Couples who want help in having a baby must book an appointment to have fertility hilot session.

To have an appointment kindly email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or give me a call at +639952467040

Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid Workshop is a Success

72433132_10156167219761537_2120975496396144640_nThank You Iceberg Infante and Ms. Lera Padua for coming in to participate on our Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid Workshop. Even by parts we have shared to you the Ancient Healing Methods of our ancestors. Indeed as we have discussed that our techniques might not be recognized by the allopathic doctors to be an exact science on determining the cause of illness but we can guarantee that learning Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid can be a preventive healthcare modality that can maintain your optimum health and wellness.

By Learning these 3 techniques on Hilot in performing Pulse Reading Analysis, Bentusa Fire Cupping and Hilot Pahid as an art of Applying Medicine to your client, I am sure enough that you can obtain favorable result in your treatment session with them. Just be reminded that constant practice will lead you to perfection on your craft as it will teach you to discover and understand the different pulse activities and condition of your Patients. Always bear in mind that each person is different from one another so the technique on giving Hilot to our patient can not be standardized as the same treatment for everyone. Always recognize individual differences and respect that differences of one another.

In providing Bentusa i encourage everyone to overcome your Fear. The Fire we use in Bentusa is our Friend. Let this Fire Guide you to radiate your Love and Passion in Healing our student/ patient. As you send your love i am reminding you also to Trust you self. Doubt and Fear is the biggest factor why our healing ability will not work. Overcome it with Trust and Love. And finally allow your self be the channel of the Divine Spirit to be his medium. Consecrate your Hands to do the Divine Work of Creation, Co Creation and Re Creation. Let your hands be used by God and make it to be the Hand of God in touching people to improve their lives. Our Duty as Manghihilot is not a mundane work that need to be standardized by the Mundane Government that need to secure National Certification or License but only by the calling and ordination of God.

You have made it and God have allowed you to learn the techniques so use it now to bring back Glory to God.


200th WordPressing at HABI

Today on my 200th WordPress post for Hilot Academy i would like to share to everyone my thoughts of being a Manghihilot.

18435_1129546299176_7842019_nI am very thankful that from the moment i decide to share the Knowledge of Hilot to the world, people start responding to my prayer. I started first as a Spa Therapist at Fitness First Spa. I learned basic massage there and some spa treatment. But as i learn modern spa treatments, i recognize it’s similarity to what i am doing when i was still a young boy that i made suggestion to our Spa Training Manager and accept what i suggest. From then on my manager ask me to develop spa treatments that they could offer on a monthly promotion.


When i resigned, i plan to go abroad to have a better income opportunity. But when i apply they are looking for a National Certification or License and not just having a Diploma or Certificate of Employment. By the Way i took a Diploma Course in Alternative Medicine at Saint Francis Divine College School of Alternative Medicine headed by the Late Dr. Ruben M. Galang MD. He is the one who give instruction to us and i have worked personally in his Clinic in Cubao, Quezon City for 2 years. This is the formal education i had in college.

amtm certWhen the employment agency i applied to work abroad give me requirements to have a National Certification and License, i went to TESDA QC office and i was referred to Humancare International Inc. to take the National Assessment and Certification. It is just a one day of written test and practical demonstration of what i know in massage. After the exam as they review my documents and see my Diploma in Alternative Medicine they give me recommendation to become a Trainer and Assessor. As i receive my training certificate i was directly endorsed to become an Accredited Trainer and Assessor on Massage Therapy NC II and Hilot Wellness NC II.

And from the certification, i had helped to establish Philippine Japan Hilot Association that is in Imus, Cavite.

But this does not last for long. And i have feel that seeking after for accreditation in following standards are very limiting. So in 2012 i have established Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which will incorporate the Spiritual Aspect of Healing into Hilot as Philippine Traditional, Natural and Indigenous Medicine.

luntiang aghama

Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. is a religious organization that believes that every individual has our own identity that is unique from the society; and that identity is a sacred gift from the Divine Creator. We believe that our identity is the manifestation of the Divine Power into our life; and this manifestation should be reared and cultivated into each individual lives. And from this ideals of Luntiang Aghama, Hilot Academy was created in order to help people cultivate their own gifts of healing as part of their own unique identity as a Being and as a Filipino.  You may learn more about Luntiang Aghama by clicking on the link HERE.

And now we are doing Hilot as part of the Shrine Activity, i feel the difference of it compared to the standardized Hilot that been promoted in the society. The barriers of limitation has been lifted but the struggles are still going on.

The Struggle of making Hilot work for the practitioner to generate income; the struggle to make Hilot as part of Primary Health Care Delivery System; and the Struggle in uplifting the life of the Common People.

As Manghihilot, i am thinking to stop. I am thinking to change my path. I am thinking to leave this oath of my service and do more in generating money for my self and to my family. I am thinking to delete this site so that no one could ever see this again. But…

I already have started this…. and i am growing old….

I remember my fellow advocate who already have crossed the veil.

Ka Efren Guanzon. Mang Boy Fajardo. Nanay Noni Del Mundo. Ka Victor Donaire.

I don’t know how you live when you are still alive. But your works have marked on the lives of the people whom you touched. The Fight you have started are now on hang. But the struggles of many Manghihilot in our country still continue without any difference.

I ask you now my Fellow Manghihilot whom i met. And to all our Manghihilot Ancestors in the other world to guide us, as we continue Our Works in preserving this ancient science and art of Philippine Traditional Medicine in our Land.

A day with Hilot Binabaylan

Lakan Aku, Lakay Alsent, Kai Kai, Doc Kit and Apu Adman

It’s June 16, 2019- Sunday is a Busy day for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan at the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama. A night prior to this we had a Freedom Redemption ritual that was Participated by the Members of Luntiang Aghama who is at the same time our Hilot Binabaylan in the Academy and so as with our new student from Washington DC no other than Kai Kai. Last night was a great opportunity for Kai Kai to learn the ways of our Ancestors in Healing as she does Tawas and Pagpag. We also did a mini Psychism Workshop focusing in Alterative Abilities and Psycho Kinesis which went great.

64206201_402146547177320_5362602024397438976_nThis morning we have been greeted by Russel Lim of Quezon City as he come to remember the Art of Pulse Reading through a Workshop with Kai Kai his Kasama on this journey back to the Path of our Race.  We’ve done a lot this day. We do the western Pulse Reading like on a Vital Sign Check Up, the Oriental Hilot Pulse reading, we do also Tawas and the Kapwa Tarot Reading by Kai Kai.  It was like a baptism of Fire for Kai Kai as she practice what she have learned from us in the past days. Indeed i agree to what she always tell that she need to learn her Human Anatomy and Physiology as she willl work out with Hilot. Though most of our Hilot are Spiritually inspired but all the inspiration of the Spirit will come into matter as it is said that:

As above, so the Soul;

AS Within, so Without;

As the Spirit, So as the Soul!

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Healing Sanctuary

Hilot is an Indigenous Healing art that is native to the Philippines. It also incorporate massage as one of its healing modality.

Unlike in Massage Therapy which is a foreign modality that is not native in the Philippines, Hilot Masahe is curative rather than relaxing massage. Hilot treats Patient and not just a client, customer, or guest.

This is why modern Massage Therapist ended up in prostitution because the Government Stardardization committee in Massage Therapy forbid the use of the word “Patient” to those who are recieving massage.

This system has been followed also by Tesda Hilot Wellness which follow the same principle implemented by DoH Licensed Massage Therapist.

The system of Home Service Massage and fly by night Spa loosen the therapeutic value of massage.

In Traditional Hilot, we follow the law of Nature. We only treat on day time and not during the night. We even treat our patient on direct sunlight and not on a dim room naked.

Authentic Indigenous Hilot practitioner are not limited giving their craft to anyone who seeks for it. Instead of going to the home of their patient, the Manghihilot open up their own home to be a healing sanctuary for their patient.

Hilot is not found in Spa but in the practitioners Home.