I am now a Zombie!

I want to record here the memory when my stroke started as far as i can recall. I know that I and Lakay were craving for Buko Pandan that we asked ka Bheng bheng to make us some in exchange for a meatball spaghetti. So after Lunch i Borrowed my sister motor cycle so that i could withdraw money at atm because i don’t have money at hand. After getting money from atm , we went to cemetery which is just nearby to talk to nanay. We just spend a few minutes with nanay as i talk to nanay, lakay asked if he could learn to drive the motorcycle. so i allow him to practice driving. before going home, we stop by to the grocery to buy ingredients for the meatball. and when we got to tatay’s home i start to cook meatballs then spaghetti.

my tongue rolled back to my throat

it was that day when I start to feel differently, because at that day i start to feel that my legs and hip has no power that i feel that i am being pulled down to the ground. i just ignored that symptoms that i thought i am just tired. so we end up that day happily. and valentines day arrived. On the night of 14th, I start to feel differently, I am about to sleep and sitting in front of the altar to pray then all of the sudden i hear my self differently.

At that night I called Joan immediately together with Lakay, they brought me to Qualimed Hospital and there was given initial diagnosis. They told me at that time I am suffering from Transient Ischemic Attack which is a form pf mini stroke. and was recommended for admission. As i’ve been talked by the admission officer, they told me to be isolated for 7 days without any companion to see if i am clear from Covid19. I refuse their offer because they will charge me Php 30,000.00/ day in order to receive treatment. Well it is obvious why i refuse their treatment because i do not have that amount for a day times 7 days. I really feel bad because i dont have that money just to be treated well. And at that time i already feel that I already die because i am not making enough money that I will be treated well, I really feel bad not only for my self but also to others who do not have money that could pay Php 30,000.00 but at least there is a public hospital that is free. But you have to endure on a long queue before you will be called and be given care. I experience that because I dont have money to pay, so i seek free government service that i endure to have a series of stroke episode before receiving care from medical professional.

FRom Qualimed i ‘ve been diagnosed with MIni stroke then to Sapang Palay Emergency Hospital it become to mild stroke, now that i found a private cklinic doctor it become a full blown stroke.

When a Manghihilot needs Hilot

The image you can see is the thumbnail of my last vlog that i made when i still can speak clearly. But if you will compare it to my previous vlog, you will notice my difficulty of speaking in this vlog.

As manghihilot, I am not only carrying the Healing knowledge from our Ancestors but also am a Culture Bearer.

In this video i teach our viewers our Traditional Divinatory method called Luknit which uses 4 crocodile tooth or 4 tusk of wild boar. Since we dont have that material we use 4 cowry shells instead.

My journey towards this advocacy in preserving our ancestral healing arts is now at risk of being halted due to my personal health problem.

I acknowledge that im not alone in pushing this advocacy on hilot, we still have manong Virgilio Apostol Mayor in San Diego, California who teach Traditional Ablon which is an Ilocano form of Hilot.

I understand that there is a Big expectation from healers like us in terms of handling our personal health. People might think that why you get sick? You are Hilot. Heal your self.

But in fact, we know how to care for ourself, but our compassion is greater than our selfcare, which we choose to set aside our self and give our care and attention to the need of others.

The most common mistake of our local manghihilot is the idea of Divine Service which means that you as manghihilot receive your Gifts of Healing from God so you must give your service to the public for free. And because of that many manghihilot are imprisoned in this idea of self sacrifice for the betterment of the public.

And with that attitude the personal health of a manghihilot is affected. Not only with their physical body but also in their mind and emotion.

Remember they are still humans that are bound with the limitations of the mundane world. Specially those who are still alive today lives in the modern world where money id needed.

So be kind to our manghihilot, they are our healers not only of our physical body but also of our soul. They are just shy to ask as they do not want you to be bothered by their situation.

I am sending my love to all of the living Hilot in this modern times. I can feel you and i am with you.

And thank you to all who send their love to me. I promise, i will work it out to be well as soon as possible.

Mayari na!


How do our Ancestors know what plant to use to provide cure to certain ailments?

How are you fellow Habi? It’s been a while since i made a post here. Well we are expecting new graduate this coming february as two batches will complete the training program on Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Since there are already many graduates who are well versed in communicating with ancestral and divine spirits through tawas, we are planning to open up new training program this year which is the Albularyo Healing Course which will focus on Plant Medicine Spirit.

These week, i have made a vlog at Luntiang Aghama YouTube channel as i reading comments from my viewers, there is one comment that i want to share it here about plant medicine. And the topic would answer the question of:

How our ancestors know which plant to use to provide cure in certain illness?

The video is in Tagalog as i goal out to reach Filipino Audience and encourage them to Learn also the Indigenous Spirituality of our Home Land.

In this video we have mentioned that the Engkanto or the Elemental Spirits were the first creatures being created by the Divine. Through the Engkanto, they become the Ingredients on how we are been created as Human being.

In Hilot the essence of the Engkanto which are the Earth, Air, Fire and Water becomes our being and the Spirit is the one who give us life.

As the Engkanto are the first creation, they become our Elder which in other terms are babaylan. But before mankind was created, the plants were elder to us Human Animals. As the plants becomes food to animal so as to human beings.

Our ancestors use plant not only for food and medicine but also use it for shelter and even clothing. Like us as Human beings, plants are also composed of the Elements.

And the elements within plants can be learned through Hilot sa Halaman. I know i have this book available through our Subscription Page which is at Filipino Magick

Let us help rebuild Houses

Last week Typhoon Rai (Odette) have struck the Island of Siargao and our Ancestral Home together with our neighbors have been affected. Most of our neighbors are related to one another as the Barrio Esperanza Del Carmen is the place where the Comon Clan originated.

Our Ancestral Home where my father, uncle and Auntie used to grow up.

This typhoon was the second time that it hit so strong in the Island, but according to my Father that this is the first time it destroyed many houses including our Ancestral Home.

I am writing this article here in the Academy to knock on your doors to have compassion to share your Blessings to our Family in order to rebuild our Home this Christmas.

We ask for your financial support that will be distributed not only to our Family but also to the residents of Esperanza Del Carmen in Siargao Islands.

For your Donation kindly send it to our PayPal account.

Our Reaction towards PITAHC best practices of HILOT

Last October 28-29, 2021- Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care conducted their first regional Hilot Congress held at Malay, Aklan which was aired live through their Facebook Page.

On this video we will see different Politicians and Government Officials that supports the amendment of Republic Act 8423 or Philippine Traditional and Alternative Medicine Act of 1997 that will empower PITAHC as a regulatory body in the practice of Traditional Medicine in our Country. This power should be exercised 24 years ago as the national government are allocating funds for this Government Owned Corporation but for those wasted years, it is only now that they are focusing on Hilot to be regulated.

Since it’s creation, as we see that they focused on promoting foreign traditional medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Chiropractic, Naturopathy and Homeopathy and have neglected to develop methodologies in order to advance the practice of Hilot that could be integrated into the Country’s Health Care Delivery System.

In one of their presentation as the Department Head of the Standards and Accreditation Division have presented the number of Manghihilot that registered in their agency, they have asked Why only 24 manghihilot are in their list. Probably their campaign is not effective enough and the manghihilot see that their new policy is an additional burden for them as Manghihilot.

Since 2008, I have been a Trainer and Assessor of Hilot Wellness Massage NC2 as promulgated by Technical Education Skills Development Authority and from that time we have produced numerous Manghihilot coming from Quezon City, Marikina, Cavite, Ilocos Sur which we teach personally face-to-face and assessed and certify. And the coming of this new policy implemented by PITAHC will only give confusion to our Hilot Provider.

As Training Provider, I think that the institute should coordinate with TESDA and other Training provider of Hilot so that their list will grow. And as we see their best practice of Hilot, it shows the practice of Massage which already covered by PG 856 or the Sanitation Code of the Philippines which the Licensed Masssage Therapist Organization claimed that created them and was strengthened through Department of Health Administrative Order in terms of the practice of Massage in the Philippines.

On the video below is my personal reaction towards the best practice of Hilot and a suggested program that the institution should implement in the integration towards the National Health Care Delivery System.

From Rejection to Recognition

Have you felt that you are worthless? It happened to me one time in my life. It was way back 2008 when i have a live in partner who is working. I feel ashamed of my self because both of us are living in my parents house while my partner is employed and working. I really feel bad to my self that one night at the height of the full moon, i go out and pray. I went to a vacant lot in front of our house where the tiger grass stand tall. I went inside the bushes, lie down on the ground and cry. As i look up to the moon, I pray to God and the stars and the moon are my witness: “What is my worth?” Then a voice comes up in my mind asking: “what do you know to do?”; “I am not a degree holder, but i only knew Hilot and Tawas.” then the voice said: “Use that to live.”

When i go back home i tell this vision to my partner and she encourage me to find job. So i decided to apply for a Job in a well known Spa in Quezon City but I have no success. That i think of applying work abroad. I search for an agency that offers Massage Therapy Job and I found one that sent people to Oman, but when i applied, i was rejected because they are looking for a licensed one specifically who have a National Certification. I went out of that agency very down. In my sadness, I just walk my way home. While walking, i am talking to the spirit ranting all the bad feelings that i had. And on the way, i saw a poster saying:

” Free TESDA Certification and Assessment.”

So i checked that post if there is an address and i see that this offer can be found at Tesda Office in Quezon City. So I went straight to Tesda Office and said that I want to Claim the Free Tesda Certification and Assessment. And the Officer who assist direct me to go to Human Care Training and Assessment Center and from there I received my Assessment and been rewarded my first National Certification for Massage Therapy. When the Assessment Center Manager saw my credentials, she recommend also that i should take the Certification to become an Assessor and Trainer and when i had completed that my Journey in Hilot Wellness have began. From there my path have changed, from being a Tambay (Jobless/ Home Body) i had a busy life of teaching Hilot and have established Philippine Certified Wellness Therapist Association which the members are all Nationally Certified and Assessed that almost reached to 100,000 members in Quezon City and Manila alone.

I never thought that my knowledge and skills in Hilot is valuable enough that could help other people not only in maintaining their life force but also to be employed locally and internationally. We have shared our knowledge not only to our fellow Filipino but also to foreign nationality who are curious about our Natural Healing Tradition, that we also have established the Philippine Japan Hilot Association which is also recognized by the Philippine Department of Tourism.

Now, we who are fully living in the 21st Century and currently struggling over the Pandemic of CoronaVirus 19, we are taking a very important role as Manghihilot in our Society in uplifting their mind and spirit that all of us will pass through this challenge of time like Hilot who was endangered to be eradicated due to the evolution of Health Care and Modern Medicine.

Let us not take Rejection to be a turning point in changing what we know, but let us use that as a challenge to embrace harder to the gifts that has been given to us by the Divine and use it that we may see life.

The Gift of God is not a trash to be ignored,like what we are making a stand now on the practice of tawas that some advocates make as a laughing stock. Traditional Chinese Medicine was one a Spiritual Methodology as they value the concept of Chi which is also applied in Fung Sui. In Hilot we value the Soul of Man which manifest the life force within us. People may laugh at us but when our Soul left our body then people will cry.

When a Hilot Binabaylan meets Death

Every moment death happen among us and we see healers struggle with death every now and then. We may know someone who can prolong life of an individual but until when can life stay within the body.

This 7th of November 2021, students of Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will gather to an online conference as we will discuss the different forms of Death and the condition of the person on which we give in to Death.

If you are an alumni of the academy, and want to participate to our discussion, kindly email me at apuadman@hilotacademy.com

And also consider to become our monthly supporting member at Filipino Magick

Status of Hilot in the Philippines

Last October 20, 2021- I attended the Public Consultation with Philippines Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) regarding the passing of the Proposed Bills in the Senate which are Senate Bill 1308 authored by Senator Emmanuel D. Pacquiao and Senate Bill 2127 authored by Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr. which aims to strengthen the Role of Pitahc to have a regulatory power regarding the Practice of Traditional Medicine in the Philippines.

Though the said meeting focus on the practice of Hilot in our Country, and the video below will explain our position regarding this proposed bill.

Why do we consult with Magtatawas?

Tawas is a Filipino divinatory method employed by a Babaylan to foretell an Omen. It is also used as a Diagnostic tool during the precolonial times to detect the cause of illnesses. In ancient times, our ancestors believed that Humans may suffer 2 kinds of illnesses; the first one is of Physical cause and the other one is of spiritual origins. The video below is a discussion that we took at Hilot Online Training under the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class.

Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class is a certification training program offered by Hilot Academy of Binabaylan that will make our students to become a Certified Magtatawas/Magaanito/Pangutanahan/ Pangatauhan which will serve the role of a Babaylan as a Mystic. A new class cycle will start on October 24, 2021. If you want to join the class, kindly fill up on our registration form by clicking on the link below.

Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Working Class