Harmonization Process of Hilot in PITAHC with TESDA

Yesterday, we are so blessed to be given an opportunity to be present in the Inter Agency Meeting of the Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care (PITAHC) with Technical Education Skills Development Authority (TESDA) which are both Government Owned Corporation from Department of Health (DoH) and the later from Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The concerns of the meeting is with regards to the Certification of Hilot Practitioners in the Philippines which has become a source of confusion among the students on where to be certified.

It was 2008 when the training regulation of TESDA on Hilot Wellness Massage NC2 was formulated and through that Regulation, i was assessed, certified as practitioner and accredited as Trainer and Assessor in Hilot. But on 1997, the law establishing PITAHC was created mandating to promote Philippine Traditional Medicine which is Hilot. In promoting Hilot, education is necessary as well as the Certification of its practitioners. Since there were 2 government agencies that provides the assessment and certification of Hilot practitioners, confusion comes in on where to be certified and with that our presence comes in.

For more than 2 years now, I am working with the Former Secretary of Tourism in the Person of Dr. Mina Gabor (which i consider this work as a Legacy Project on which many Manghihilot will benefit from our efforts.) and now we can actively participate in the policy making as i was chosen and appointed to become a member of Technical Working Group in conducting review to the TESDA Hilot Training Standards to align it with PITAHC Standards and Regulation on Hilot.

With these another flame has been set into a blaze where we as members of Luntiang Aghama and Hilot Academy of Binabaylan can showcase of Light and expertise on our Ancestral Healing Arts and Science.

The Future of Manghihilot starts with us

Do you remember the story that years ago before i become a Tesda Trainer and Assessor of Hilot Wellness Massage NC2, I was unemployed that time and very depressed that i think of my self as worthless. One night i go out and went for a walk on the night of the full moon, it was midnight and no one is around except for the sounds of kuliglig (cricket) and some barking of dogs. I went inside a grassland and lay down on the ground to cry and talk to the moon. The sky was clear and there are many stars together with the moon brightly shining upon me. With tears, I ask God what is my purpose in life, and in my mind there was a voice that ask me back that says: What do you know to do? and i answered: I only know how to do hilot and tawas; by then the voice in my mind answered back: use what you know and live. and another voice is giving me an instruction, reach above your head and pick it up; and when i reach out i have picked a tiny stone and the voice said to me: that tiny stone is you, it seems worthless by now as it is just scattered around, but when you gather all those tiny stones, it could serve its purpose. It can be used to build up great castle.

With new hope in my life i went home. And on the next day, i bought news paper to see for a job offering and i saw a spa in quezon city that is looking for a therapist. I went there and apply, i even demonstrate my hilot skills so as tawas. I gained positive feedback and almost give tawas and hilot to all the HR staff that interviewed me, but i was not hired because they are looking for therapist that has a Certificate. Even that they are satisfied with the skills that i provide still they need a piece of paper that tells that I am good at the skills that i am performing.

I believe that this experience of mine pushed me to dream first of having my own school that will teach Hilot and Tawas and give all my graduates their certificate. Though this dream is not instant. I know it will be impossible for me to have my own school because i am a college drop out and only have a Diploma in Alternative Medicine which i only took for one year.

Again another hope came to me, using my diploma as requirement, i apply work abroad. But the employer asked me if i have a National Certificate on Massage Therapy or Hilot. At that time i do not have. Another failure that i receive. Aside from being rejected i lack money at that time. So to save money, i walked from Mabini in manila to Quezon City Hall. And that decision of walking allows me to think and see places and billboards that may have a Job Opening. Then i found an ads that tells Free Assessment for National Certification. As i found the ads, i went directly to Tesda Quezon City hall, but reaching there i was referred to go to kalayaan ave. to register at one of their assessment center which is the Humancare International. And there I meet my Boss, Dr. Grace Sanico.

My purpose in coming to their office is just to apply for the National Certification, so they scheduled me for an assessment; but upon seeing my credential as Diploma Holder in Alternative Medicine. Dr. Grace recommend me to become a Tesda Trainer and Assessor. Then upon passing my assessment , i took the Assessor and Trainers Methodology course and passed it and been accredited as Trainer/ Assessor for Massage Therapy and Hilot Wellness Massage. Then all become History. Through Humancare we have served BigHands Foundation and have trained many hilot therapist in Quezon City. We also have established the Phililippine Certified Wellness Therapist Association that will help our Graduates in Massage Therapy and Hilot Wellness to have a Job. We also had established Hilot Centers in Camp Crame, Camp Aguinaldo and Fort Bonifacio in Taguig. And have conducted numerous wellness missions in metro manila. And those were the glorious days.

Then Dr. Grace have sent me to cavite to teach a Japanese company that cater vacation houses for the retired japanese elderly. While in Makison, the Big bosses of that company ask me to start Philippine Japan Hilot Association. But that doesn’t last for good. When the company was bankrupt, i decided to work abroad in Saudi Arabia, and after my two years contract, i went back home and established Hilot Academy of Binabaylan in April 5, 2016.

Now, Pandemic has come, I thought that our Work will also stopped as travel to the Philippines has been halted. But the Great Spirits have guide us to open up through Online Training. Now, the world is about to open, and face-to-face classes will be allowed. We are praying that our preparations will be accepted and may the Great Spirits bring us the people that they have called to be one of us here at Hilot Academy.

Giving out certificates through our Training does not only means Money for us. Enrolling through our classes will serve as our Fuel to continue our effort in conducting research and developing techniques that will make the traditional to be adaptable in our modern times. Your enrollment to us will give us numbers that will become our stronghold that we can present to the Philippine Government that they may give value to our works in preserving this ancestral healing arts and science in the Philippines.

Connecting with these important people in Philippine Society, is our effort in bringing up the image of Hilot. Helping them to come out of the donation basis servitude and make their efforts be properly paid off. We are making an appeal that our manghihilot be properly employed and thinking of them be placed in Baranggay Health Center and make them also to have a basic monthly salary to be paid eiher by DSWD or DILG. We are making a plea also to consider creating Traditional Medicine Unit in all public hospitals in the Philippines so that our manghihilot can be employed there by rendering their service as Manghihilot.

I can see that our Manghihilot can also be partners with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources as well as Department of Agriculture. Our Manghihilot can be experts not only in Herbal Medicine but also in Fruits and Vegetables. Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Healthcare can benefit from our Manghihilot by giving them job as Field Researcher as well as product distributor from all the products manufactured as a result of the research. With these partnership, we can lower the price of medicine and improve the citizens health status by strengthening the preventive healthcare practices.

We are Changing everyday!

Each new day it changes me. It’s either it gives me a new strength so as weakness of the body. But whatever that comes to me in each new day, I welcome it gratefully! What matters to me is that the Life Force is still united in my temporal Body. So with that I use it to work out with something great, so that when the life force expires, the thoughts the I leave will remain and will continue to inspires everyone. ( I hope that i does to you.)

Before Pandemic our mode learning is through Face-to-face interaction, and this was changed by the situation of pandemic that we offer now online training on selected skills. It’s been already 2 years now when we started our online training program called Non Contact Hilot : Mind and Spirit Work, that makes our students to become expert on the art of Spiritual Diagnosis called Tawas. But that i just one skills that a Manghihilot must have. So that is incomplete unlike on our 9 days training program which is taken for 16 hours/ day that you become a certified Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan on whichour graduates can perform basic tawas, hilot masahe and herbal cure. I want that all of our graduates could perform that, and because of that I am making an Enhancement to our Training Program and I am creating 3 Certification Program that will lead to a Diploma in Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan which will give you a Title Hilot Binabaylan.

My Idea of becoming Hilot must consist of Qualification of a Traditional Healer that could provides diagnostic health care services, implement traditional healing techniques, and can supplement home care therapeutics. And with that we already have created and implementing the Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work which will provide our graduates the title of Magtatawas/Magaanito/Pangutanahan and Pangatauhan. Then currently I am working out The Hilot Gamutan modules which will give you a Title as Manggagamot; then there is still need to add in our Albularyo Certification Modules.

So as of this moment, we already have two modules for our certification programs and there is an update to make for our Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work as currently it has 3 Learning Units that consist of the following:

Unit 1: Defining Hilot

  1. Hilot Definition and Terminologies
  2. Modalities used in Hilot
  3. Virtues of Hilot
  4. The Origins of Hilot
  5. The Concept of Life, Health, Illness and Wellness
  6. The Aspects, Elements and Faculties of Man
  7. The Indication and Contraindication of Hilot
  8. The Healing Practices and the Traditional Healthcare delivery system

Unit 2: Hilot Diagnostics

  1. The Practice of Tawas
  2. Orasyon
  3. Reading Images, Shapes and Symbols
  4. Kilubansa Healing
  5. Your name and your health
  6. Pulse Reading Analysis

Unit 3: Hilot Rituals

  1. Healing Rituals
  2. Cleansing Rituals
  3. Pagpag Taboy Ritual
  4. Healing Ritual in Absentia

But there will be an additional Unit that we will soon implement for this training course and that will go before Hilot Rituals and the learning unit will be called: Understanding the Spiritual Realms of the Ancient Filipino and it will be composed of the following lessons:

  1. Understanding the Non Human Spirits.
  2. Understanding the Malevolent Spirits
  3. Orasyon, Dua, Mantra: The power of prayer to heal
  4. Amulets, Charms and Talisman
  5. Setting Up an Altar for Private Devotion and Public Rituals.

So these are the Changes that we are going to implement soon by November for Non Contact Hilot: Mind and Spirit Work, so if you haven’t taken the new lessons yet, kindly email me at apuadman@hilotacademy.com

And to all of our loyal followers, i want to share a portion of what i am writing now for Hilot Gamutan.

Lesson 4: Hilot Healing Principles

Hilot is a wide range of Healing Practices that aims to make people’s lives better. In Hilot we firmly believe that each individual has the ability to heal themselves, as the individual themselves are the one experiencing the way of life they live. It is the choice of an individual on what kind of life they should live. So it is not an excuse to reason out that you were born in a poor family that you are suffering from poor health and could not avail healthcare services in your community. But the life force within you allows you to move and take action on what kind of life you should live. 

As Manghihilot which consists of the skills of Magtatawas, Manggagamot and Albularyo; our Gift of Healing does not promise people to have a long life.  But we promise that through the best of our abilities, we will help them to enjoy living their life while they are here with us in the physical plane of existence. As we recognize the fact that we as Human beings are the wonderful creation of the Divine which is a Spirit that has been given with a Physical Body. And when the spirit leaves our body, death comes and our spirit will enter into the next life.

As Manghihilot, we recognize death as our coworker and not an enemy as it indicates the end of life in this plane of existence. We recognize illness or pilay as our own body’s way of communicating to us as it has shown by our very own vital signs of life. We also recognize the role of nature in sustaining the life force around us thus making the Manghihilot as Steward of Mother Earth. Our nature does not limit our surroundings, but it also includes us as Human beings so as all other creatures that exist in our planet whether it can be seen or unseen. Our existence and well being is supported by the environment where we live, thus everything around us can be a contributory factor towards our own health. 

What you have read above is just a portion of it and there are more to expect from our work.

How much is the cost of Hilot in your Area?

The Philippines is probably has the cheapest Hilot services offered compared to other countries that i found where Hilot is being offered.

From YK Hilot Center in Tolyo, Japan

So 15,000 Japanese yen today is equivalent to Php 6, 119.16 in Philippine money and that is for 2 hours of Hilot Treatment.

I also saw a Treatment center that offers Hilot in Madrid, Spain and the name of the Center is Xiao Ying.

And the cost of their 60 minutes Hilot is 60.00€ which is equivalent to Philippine Peso as 3, 412.69 and their 2 hours session cost 110€ equivalent to Philippine peso as 6,256.60.

Another center that I found offering Hilot is located in Canada.

Their 60 minutes Hilot Massage cost already $120 in US Dollars while their 2 hours session will cost $230.00, if $120.00 converted into Philippine peso as of writing this, it will cost around Php 6,766.80 for one hour treatment and for 120 minutes or 2 hours treatment session cost Php 12,969.70.

This is an Eyebrow rising cost that i knew. Well I understand why the price is too much comparing the price of Hilot being offered here in the Philippines.

I saw some day spa who offered hilot posted in their facebook page, and the price of their hilot is this:

60 minutes of Hilot in the Philippines is only USD 5.00 and USD 10.00 for 120 minutes

Well Filipino Hilot Providers who offers authentic Philippine Traditional Medicine are not compensated well, and this is the reason why some of them are holding tight to the edge of the blade or what we say as “kapit sa patalim”.

The Filipino Culture of colonial mentality have buried deeply our dignity almost already into oblivion. This is the reason why Hilot Academy and Luntiang Aghama is working hard to raise the standard of Hilot in the Philippines so that our dignity may be elevated again. Providing our Manghihilot proper education will enable them to perform Hilot in a more professional level that will allow them to work in Public Health Care centers of even in Private Health clinics or hospital.

There are so much Job opportunity as i see for our Hilot Practitioners. Not only in Spa. Let us leave the Spa to our Massage Therapist siblings. We can establish our own Hilot Healing Center where it can be a coordinating center with the Philippine Health department, social work and development, agriculture so as the Environment and Natural Resources. We are more than a Therapist, but we are also the Steward of Mother Earth.


The Book of Genesis nor the theory of Evolution are not the only sole resources that could explain the existence of Man. In my vlog at Luntiang Aghama, we have explained that before our country has been named as the Philippines, this archipelago in the Far East is composed of many Tribal Nations which we identify through their Ethnic Languages. Aside from their language, we will also recognize their culture, lifestyle and Spiritual Beliefs and practices. From that, we will also learn from their myths and folk stories how things started so as the creation of Man.

Vangelo Delle Streghe was an allegory written by an American Folklorist named Charles Godfrey Leland, which according my understanding is a collection of Legends fore told by the Aradian Witches of Italy.

In this story comparing to the Creation of Man, in the Book of Genesis, God made man with a clay which is also similar to the Story of Kabunyian when he created man using clay; but in the Vangelo del Streghe, we can see that Human existence is a direct manifestation of the Goddess Diana her self in her longing to be reunited again with her other self which is the God.

I first learned this story in the Correllian Seminary when I am taking my First Degree Priesthood and because of our activity in our YouTube Channel which is at http://www.youtube.com/luntiangaghama I was asked this question about the existence of man that makes me to post this here.

Spirit Possession

It is not that we do not believe on the Devil or Satan. Just to remind you, as Wiccan we do practice Tarot Reading, and in our Tarot there is a Devil Card, this already prove that we recognize the existence of the Devil and Satan. What we do not believe is like what the Christian think about the Devil or Satan, We do not entertain those thoughts that satan or the devil could control and manipulate our lives.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

Last Wednesday night I posted a Video on our YouTube Channel as a reaction towards a Spirit Possession that happened during a Live TV Interview.

Though this video already gained many reactions from the Netizens and some people ask for our reaction that me and lakay decided to talk about this on our YouTube Channel.

In this video we talked about the validity or legitimacy of the Spirit Possession as well as the possible problem of the person why she poses to be possessed by the Spirits. Though at the end of the Video, I also discuss the different manifestation of Evil Spirits, because in the video shown it seems what she manifest is the Spirit of Anger. ( watch the full video to learn other manifestation of evil Spirits)

This video we have posted also gained many comments that i will try to answer here.

Yes Correllian Tradition and…

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Healthy Mind Set to become Pain Free

At the start of this week, an old woman came to us asking us to help her treat her husband. I am tempted to reject her request as I my self have a condition which is I am still recovering from stroke. Supposedly mid June till the coming of July, I experience constant dizziness that I am not confident enough if I could handle a client/patient. But the calling to do Hilot is much greater than my stroke. The Ancestors have reminded me why I was allowed to suffer my condition, but I also pray, what if i used all my strength in extending the life of others, will there be life that will left to me? But the Spirit just tell me to go.

So me and lakay went with the woman riding in the tricycle and bring us to their house. As we arrived, this is what we see.

on their balcony, i see a man in his 50’s lying on a wooden sofa not moving.

Before entering their house, I picked a twig of leaves from an Indian Tree that is planted in their front yard and i used that to swipe the air as i enter their house and stamp my feet. We give our greetings and introduce our selves to the patient. As we talk to the man, we see that he is responding to us very well except that he could not make any movements from his body as it give him so much pain.

Then we start giving our treatment procedures. Lakay do Spiritual Tawas while Me i do Physical Assessment by palpating on his body. He is complaining about his joints in the hands, elbows, shoulder, hips, knees and feet and his whole back is aching because of constant lying ( and maybe because of the hard wood that serve as his bed).

The woman’s reason of calling us is that she wanted us to see first his husband before sending him to the Hospital. Though they have fear that his husband will be confined and aside from that they have financial issues as well that they seek help from us first for an temporary relief on Mr. Noel’s pain.


Thanks Goddess i am doing Home Visitation Hilot again for a bed ridden patient/client. I dont usually do home service to anyone except to life and death situation. if you need my service come to the Shrine.#FilipinoPaganPriest #HilotBinabaylan

♬ original sound – Apu Adman Aghama – Apu Adman Aghama

At that time, i didn’t mind my own condition and I teared in joy because as I assess the man, i feel the life force in the man’s body and re assuring me that he will live. His body is very warm and the life force is present. The only thing that makes him like that is because of many blockages that build up on his vessels. So i give him Hilot pahid and do the healing touch manipulation. Though Lakay saw some little spiritual issues and have spoken it to him together with his wife and gave recommendation on how to deal with it. Same thing that I do, i advise them to see doctor but not recommend for confinement just go to the Out Patient Department and ask to manage the pain. I see many calcium deposit that build up in his fingers and joints. And he limits his movement because of the pain he is experiencing.

Sometime, people torment themselves in order to prevent them experiencing the pain. But their behavior only makes them experience more and suffer. Their non movement slow down the flow of life force that it build up to form blockages that makes them suffer more pain than relief.

And I believe, this healing session that I attended was not only for Mr. Noel but also for me. The more I Baby my illness, the more it will become worst. And going back to my routine of giving Hilot makes my body to have a sense of Purpose.

But I still have to be careful and not just waste my own lifeforce for a non sense.

Here what I learned is that, We want to Live a Pain Free Life, but in doing it we have to encounter some pain and problem that we might also build up our body to become resistant to pain or problem.

By the way, i still experience occasional dizziness and I notice i get dizzy when I change position like when I immediately turn my neck or standing from sitting or from lying down to standing up.

By next Monday i will check with my doctor, because i already have my CT scan that i made last monday.

Tomorrow, me and lakay will be at Silang, Cavite to inspect the venue for our new Hilot Healing Center.

Pinoy Witch Talk about Filipino Magick at Pagan World TV

Now, ill be using English again to my vlog but this time we will create a content with a Purpose and that is to Introduce the Filipino brand of Magick to the World. Indeed that every nation around the world has a brand of magick that is part of their Culture, so as the Philippines. Even our country has been known as Catholic Nation, it is still infiltrated with the belief and practice of Magick. Well, we are going to talk more about that in our Vlog so if you like to see how it goes, i encourage you to become a subscribing member of Filipino Magick at http://www.buymeacoffee.com/filipinomagick and there you can see each new episodes of Pinoy Witch Talk. And of course if you are living in the United States, you can avail Roku anytime so that you can watch each episodes we are creating just for you.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

We started this first as Hash Tag for our Tiktok Videos which has 1.3 M views, then we make a Playlist to our YouTube Channel containing content that we assigned to Pinoy Witch Talk. Now, we had an invitation to create content for Pagan World TV which will be shown at Roku and we will bring Pinoy Witch Talk for International Viewers.

I started creating content to our YouTube channel using English Language but the growth of our Channel was very slow, but when I started to speak Tagalog in my vlog, there people start to notice me and ask questions to my vlog.

Now, ill be using English again to my vlog but this time we will create a content with a Purpose and that is to Introduce the Filipino brand of Magick to the World. Indeed that every nation around the world has a brand of magick that…

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New Esbat June 2022 talks about Valuing our Purpose

I believe that having dream or goals in life can motivate us to live longer but as we hold on to our dreams it must be accompanied with care and responsibilities. Here the Spirits made us realize the importance of our Physical body in accomplishing our goals. We all thought before that the Spirits are all powerful but now, we are realizing the importance of Balance which is the union of our body to our Spirits. This is why in Wiccan Religion we honor both the Goddess and I believe that having dream or goals in life can motivate us to live longer but as we hold on to our dreams it must be accompanied with care and responsibilities. Here the Spirits made us realize the importance of our Physical body in accomplishing our goals. We all thought before that the Spirits are all powerful but now, we are realizing the importance of Balance which is the union of our body to our Spirits. This is why in Wiccan Religion we honor both the Goddess and the God which represent Ideas and Manifestation.the God which represent Ideas and Manifestation.

Dambana ng Luntiang Aghama

Every Wednesday we dedicate it to publish vlog about Psychism and Psychic Development, but this day falls on the New Moon that I call the presence of Luntiang Aghama for an attunement Ritual. The said activity was attended by inner circle members Lakay Magbaya Aghama of SiadTala Binabaylan and Mark Genesis from Zambaonga Sibugay which is a Correllian Outer Court member.

We use the Tarot Cards to channel the messages of the Elements (Engkanto) which on Luntiang Aghama believe that they are also the embodiment of our Ancestors as we ourselves are also an enchanted being. The ritual is spontaneous and non traditional and non scripted as we allow our heart and mind flow at the present moment and leave all worries and fears behind.

The video that you are about to see are spoken in Tagalog, English as well as in the native language of Mark Genesis which is…

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Celebrating our Pride as Filipino

Our South East Asian Neighboring countries have their own writing system that they call as their own. And we as Filipino also have Baybayin.

Aside from writing system, our Asian friends have their own native names aside from having an english name.

Would you like to have a Native Filipino Name? If so i highly recommend you to join this webinar.


3 times a year, we being a member of Luntiang Aghama showcase our Filipino Identity by observing the following Holidays: every April we celebrate the Day of Valor which is usually celebrated every 9th of April so as the Whole month as Month of Baybayin which usually observed every 21st of April. We held this month of April as sacred as most of our Wiccan Friends consider it as Earth Month and Baybayin as a product of our Culture.

Historically, the Laguna Copperplate Inscription was the first ever dated document that proves that our Filipino Ancestors have our own writing system. We in Luntiang Aghama consider April 21, year 900 to be the true date of independence as the inscription is all about declaration of freedom from debt as it states: that it releases its bearers, the children of Namwaran, from a debt in gold amounting to 1 kati

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