Hilot Medicine Workshop on October 13, 2019

pulse bentusa pahidPreparing to print our manual for October 13, 2019 and that will be a Sunday event from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Reserve a slot now as we only have limited accommodation.

Call or Text Apu Adman at 09952467040.

Binabaylan Hilot in France

From September 16 to the 23rd, Hilot Academy was on Session while we share our Knowledge of Filipino Traditional and Indigenous Healing Arts and Science to a French Couple who are both a Vegan and Natural Healthcare Enthusiast. They are the 3rd person who stay with us who is a Vegan. The very first is Jan Diwata, then Kai Kai Mascareñas and now the French couple Gerone and Jeremy Pascal. 70446273_3012067455534228_1988987672466554880_o

On their first day we welcome them with a Hilot Experience by giving them organic Mulberry Tea as we do health profiling, Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis, Pulse Reading Analysis and Tawas Diagnosis. It is necessary for our students to experience all Hilot Modality from the Guru before they could provide Hilot to others. From these experience, the students will get to know more about their own strength and weaknesses before applying cure.

IMG20190920140307On their second day we made the Medicine that they will use on their training and start sharing the importance of Spirituality in Health Care. In Hilot Academy we emphasize that Life comes from the Spirit and illness starts to develop in the Spiritual Realms before it can manifest into the Physical world. This is the same reason why Hilot is also known as a Soul Healing Modality as it heal the soul that will take effect to the Physical Body. On this day also we also shared the technique on how to perform and analyze tawas spiritual diagnosis. We also have shared to them how to write and read in Baybayin as the Indigenous Writing system of the Tagalog People. Through Baybayin Lakay also have shared how to do oracle reading through his Sibulan Adlaw Divinatory Method using Baybayin. And Amazingly, the couple could read and write Baybayin in just 10 minutes and they can write their own Monogram of Baybayin from their names.

Lakan Aku Aghama also have shared his talent on making Dream Catcher that Gerone enjoy doing it as she also does crocheting as a hobby. 

Then Jeremy gave Lakay Alsent Magbaya a gift which is Kefir and taught him how to ferment and make a probiotic drink which is similar to what i do in making Ginger Bug. But Jeremy is well versed and expert on doing this as shown in his Facebook Page FermenTerroir.

And at last on the 23rd of September we hereby welcome Gerone and Jeremy Pascal to the exclusive group of Hilot Binabaylan Provider in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.


Hilot Binabaylan Class start Today

Great Monday everyone!
Starting by 1:00 PM today till September 23, 2019 by 6:00 PM we will Share the Knowledge of Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan.
ongoing classOn this 8 day class we are going to share the History, Philosophy and Principles of Philippine Traditional Medicine, Traditional Filipino concept on Life, Health, Illnesses and its cure.
Learner of this class will be able to perform Hilot Diagnostic Procedure (such as Tawas, Pulse Reading and Kilubansa) as they will understand the condition of their soul in relation to their Physical, Emotional, Mental and Social Health.
Principle and Philosophy of Herbalism will also be discussed and will equip our manghihilot in using Herbs for Magic (such as making charms, potions for protection, attraction and manifestation of desires) and Medicine.
On learning the Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan, the student will be able to perform basic healing ritual and the use of the Elements of Earth, Air, Fire and water with the Guidance of the Spirit to affect cure.
Traditional Dagdagay Stick Foot Massage will be taught comprehensively, Bentusa Fire Cupping, and Hilot Pahid procedures.
Techniques also will be shared on how to handle clients with special needs such as Baby Hilot, Women Care, Fertility Hilot, Sporting Injuries, and Elderly Care.
For those who are interested to learn with us we encourage you to have a schedule with us for one-on-one or group studies.
We are also open for invitation for Group Trainings, Seminar/ Workshops, and Hilot Experience Events and Party. For more information kindly contact us at +639480177571 or +639952467040 or email us at hilot.binabalylan@gmail.com or message us here through Facebook Messenger.

Traditional Filipino Healthcare Workshop on October 13, 2019

fb_img_1543621436470-1249816604.jpgNot all the time we have finances to see professionals to check on our health. Learning Pulse Reading help you prevent serious illnesses by knowing the status of your vital organs.

Join us on October 13, 2019 as we provide a one time Seminar Workshop on Pulse Reading, Bentusa and Hilot Pahid. These Hilot Technique will equip you to perform basic Natural Healthcare the Traditional Filipino way.

Registration Fee is Php 3000.00 only workshop will start by 9:00 AM at Lot 79 Phase A Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

Call or Text us for reservation at 09952467040 and look for Apu Adman Aghama.

Pulse Reading, Bentusa and Hilot Pahid Workshop on October 13

Take Advantage of this 3 in 1 Workshop on Philippine Traditional Hilot. This will happen on October 13, 2019- Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc., Lot 79 Phase A Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

1. Learn the Science and Art of Pulse Reading this will equip the provider with knowledge on how to analyze the pulse and determine the weak organs of the client and from that we can make a better plan the treatment methodology we could provide for our client.

2. Bentusa Fire Cupping is an Ancient Healing Modality that is not only used in the Philippines but it is practiced all through out the ancient civilization in the World such as China,India, Greece and Saudi Arabia. The Art and Science of Bentusa Fire Cupping works on the condition of the Blood from where we could determine if the Blood is bringing poisonous energy or Life Force.

3. Hilot Pahid is the Manual natural medicine of our ancestors where they apply oil to the body parts that is in pain and perform hand strokes to remove blockages that forms in the Body. Hilot Pahid is the Wellness Massage of the Philippines.

In this workshop we will include also the Art and Science of Pagsasala or the use of Green Leaf in scanning blockages that cause illness.

By attending to our One Workshop, participants will also get the privilege to become a member to our Exclusive group Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.

Register now for only Php 3000.00 and express your intention to join us by texting Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 Now!

200th WordPressing at HABI

Today on my 200th WordPress post for Hilot Academy i would like to share to everyone my thoughts of being a Manghihilot.

18435_1129546299176_7842019_nI am very thankful that from the moment i decide to share the Knowledge of Hilot to the world, people start responding to my prayer. I started first as a Spa Therapist at Fitness First Spa. I learned basic massage there and some spa treatment. But as i learn modern spa treatments, i recognize it’s similarity to what i am doing when i was still a young boy that i made suggestion to our Spa Training Manager and accept what i suggest. From then on my manager ask me to develop spa treatments that they could offer on a monthly promotion.


When i resigned, i plan to go abroad to have a better income opportunity. But when i apply they are looking for a National Certification or License and not just having a Diploma or Certificate of Employment. By the Way i took a Diploma Course in Alternative Medicine at Saint Francis Divine College School of Alternative Medicine headed by the Late Dr. Ruben M. Galang MD. He is the one who give instruction to us and i have worked personally in his Clinic in Cubao, Quezon City for 2 years. This is the formal education i had in college.

amtm certWhen the employment agency i applied to work abroad give me requirements to have a National Certification and License, i went to TESDA QC office and i was referred to Humancare International Inc. to take the National Assessment and Certification. It is just a one day of written test and practical demonstration of what i know in massage. After the exam as they review my documents and see my Diploma in Alternative Medicine they give me recommendation to become a Trainer and Assessor. As i receive my training certificate i was directly endorsed to become an Accredited Trainer and Assessor on Massage Therapy NC II and Hilot Wellness NC II.

And from the certification, i had helped to establish Philippine Japan Hilot Association that is in Imus, Cavite.

But this does not last for long. And i have feel that seeking after for accreditation in following standards are very limiting. So in 2012 i have established Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. which will incorporate the Spiritual Aspect of Healing into Hilot as Philippine Traditional, Natural and Indigenous Medicine.

luntiang aghama

Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. is a religious organization that believes that every individual has our own identity that is unique from the society; and that identity is a sacred gift from the Divine Creator. We believe that our identity is the manifestation of the Divine Power into our life; and this manifestation should be reared and cultivated into each individual lives. And from this ideals of Luntiang Aghama, Hilot Academy was created in order to help people cultivate their own gifts of healing as part of their own unique identity as a Being and as a Filipino.  You may learn more about Luntiang Aghama by clicking on the link HERE.

And now we are doing Hilot as part of the Shrine Activity, i feel the difference of it compared to the standardized Hilot that been promoted in the society. The barriers of limitation has been lifted but the struggles are still going on.

The Struggle of making Hilot work for the practitioner to generate income; the struggle to make Hilot as part of Primary Health Care Delivery System; and the Struggle in uplifting the life of the Common People.

As Manghihilot, i am thinking to stop. I am thinking to change my path. I am thinking to leave this oath of my service and do more in generating money for my self and to my family. I am thinking to delete this site so that no one could ever see this again. But…

I already have started this…. and i am growing old….

I remember my fellow advocate who already have crossed the veil.

Ka Efren Guanzon. Mang Boy Fajardo. Nanay Noni Del Mundo. Ka Victor Donaire.

I don’t know how you live when you are still alive. But your works have marked on the lives of the people whom you touched. The Fight you have started are now on hang. But the struggles of many Manghihilot in our country still continue without any difference.

I ask you now my Fellow Manghihilot whom i met. And to all our Manghihilot Ancestors in the other world to guide us, as we continue Our Works in preserving this ancient science and art of Philippine Traditional Medicine in our Land.

Italian Hilot Guaritore

Meeting new people around the world provides a venue for learning opportunity.  And the best learning experience you will have is when you live together at home. Our own Home is the first School every individual have. This is where our behavior is first formed and molded. In our own home is where we receive first love and care that we treasure most. We receive our life lesson from our Mother and Father, so as to our brother and sister and other relatives. They become our role model in living our life.

Hilot is an experiential modality of healing rather than academic. It’s method are learned not through theories and scholarly manner but through experience. It is first passed down by the Divinity to the Babaylan; and the Babaylan to the Community. In every Filipino Home, there is one who usually stand as a Healer in the Family and mostly the mothers.  Indeed in our Home, my Mother is our Healer. And now that she have crossed the veil, it is now my turn to continue the Healing Tradition of Hilot in our Family. And as a mission in preserving our Hilot, I am sharing it to the world as my Legacy of love to mankind.

Hilot as we all know it here is the Philippine Traditional Medicine. Indeed it is from the Philippines but its practice is not limited to the Filipino only. The wisdom of Hilot is not about the actual application of the procedures but the Discipline and Wisdom of the practitioner to provide love and care. In sharing our Love and Care does not require us to have a highest educational Diploma or Title, but only our willingness to share. Yes Sharing is the right term instead of giving or providing.  Because when we share Hilot, we do not need have to be empty handed unlike in giving you totally left nothing for you. In sharing all of us enjoy the benefit of Hilot. We do not take the illness nor give our power but we share it to one another to improve ourselves, our health and our life.

This is what we experience with our Ayurvedic Therapist from Turin, Italy. We share our Hilot to him as he also share his Art and Healing Modality to us.  Agar Agar is our newest Hilot Binabaylan from Turin, Italy.  He took our lesson on the 23rd of July that he completed on the 29th of July 2019. He will go back to Italy on the 31st of July so we all wish him Buon Viaggio.

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The story of Dayang Alab ng Liwanag

There was a girl that wrote us an application letter that she intend to learn the ways of Healing of the Ancestors and she wrote:

I am at the very beginning of my journey in traditional and alternative medicine. I have been chronically ill since 2010 due to a condition called Topical Steroid Withdrawal, which was caused by the overextended use of topical and oral steroids creams used to “cure” my eczema. In fact, I no longer had eczema, but rashes formed by the damage of the long term use of steroids and antibiotics. I have been a patient of traditional Chinese medicine for many years now and have learned a little in understanding how to read my skin or how effects manifest in my body.

I received a spirit clearing from a mumbaki in 2015 and he said that I am my paternal great great grandfather’s reincarnation, and something that did not finish in his lifetime is coming through me.

While being chronically ill, I have relied on plant medicine for pain and healing and developed a relationship to plants and their energies. It is my intention to learn more about plant medicine to help my family, friends, and community come back into their well being and health through natural ways.

This girl is from Washington DC, a Pinay American who was called by her ancestor to walk back on to the path of our race (Landas ng Lahi) and for 8 days we have helped her to remember what she already know for a long time. And now she speaks of what she have remembered through this words:

4 years ago, nati and mamerto did a spirit clearing on me and said that I am the reincarnation of my great great lolo; that something not finished is coming through me. my family does not have access to that generation, but this past Christmas, I found out that great lolo fermin was a manghihilot. reiki has been so helpful in my healing, but I felt it was necessary to honor and learn my own people’s energy and healing modalities, especially knowing healers were in my family.

for months I have been setting the intention to learn hilot, and today, I was initiated as hilot binabaylan. i laugh because universe has a way of synchronicity. I found out only recently that the training would be an 8-day live in study, and decided to change my plans so that I can squeeze in training before the busyness of HK and expo. today was my last day of study and of course it ends up being on the strawberry moon, a portal of expansion and initiation/full moon in sagittarius, my moon at that. lol, universe.

apu adman let me know that a diwata visited my room last night and told him my spirit name; that I will find out later during closing ritual. during my ceremony, apu and lakay called on the diwata that guides me to serve as witness. they wrote 14 names of the diwata and rolled them up for me to choose one. who else but the white bright moon, Diwata Bulan La Mogoaw, the moon goddess. apu and lakay just laughed and smiled because I kept taking pictures of the rising full moon the night prior and kept singing the small lyrics I know of “buwan.” I truly am a daughter of the moon. she calls me and I am listening. this diwata will continue to guide me on my path as a healer and she has blessed me with the name, “Dayang Alab ng Liwanag” – blaze of light, keeper of sacred fire of life. they already printed out the certificate before I chose my diwata guide….

most of my family think that hilot is only massage, but hilot is such deep connection to spirit 😭, and specifically how to heal with body with H (halaman, herbs), I (init, heat), L (linawag, light), O (horas, orasyon, time; prayer), T (tubig, water). my tawas (form of divination through paper, egg, or candle wax) sent a clear message that my ancestors were communicating with me and asking me to answer my call of healer, babaylan, manghihilot. there was no other way but to get so sick, face near death with tsw and pneumonia, for me to understand this path of shadow, light, and spirit. through this path, I have come to build a relationship to plants and prayer in forms of meditation, movement, intention. i am honored to be a hilot binabaylan, reviving the duties and responsibilities of the babaylan in my lineage.

I have no other words than my people are magic. I am only at the beginning of my journey. I have a lot to learn and unlearn, and am readying myself to walk the path of both spirit and earth. I asked ancestors where to even begin and I am reminded to just trust; I will continue to be present on this path to see where it leads me. today, I am happy to be hilot binabaylan. I feel blessed to have had this sacred opportunity to learn from and live with apu and lakay for the past 8 days. I am missing the busy sounds of San Jose del monte, bulacan. I am missing the constant exchange of learning between us. I am missing our shared meals together and laughter. thank you deeply, apu Rolando Gomez Comon and Lakay ALsent Magbaya Aghama, and for those who sent affirmations during my study.


A day with Hilot Binabaylan

Lakan Aku, Lakay Alsent, Kai Kai, Doc Kit and Apu Adman

It’s June 16, 2019- Sunday is a Busy day for Hilot Academy of Binabaylan at the Shrine of Luntiang Aghama. A night prior to this we had a Freedom Redemption ritual that was Participated by the Members of Luntiang Aghama who is at the same time our Hilot Binabaylan in the Academy and so as with our new student from Washington DC no other than Kai Kai. Last night was a great opportunity for Kai Kai to learn the ways of our Ancestors in Healing as she does Tawas and Pagpag. We also did a mini Psychism Workshop focusing in Alterative Abilities and Psycho Kinesis which went great.

64206201_402146547177320_5362602024397438976_nThis morning we have been greeted by Russel Lim of Quezon City as he come to remember the Art of Pulse Reading through a Workshop with Kai Kai his Kasama on this journey back to the Path of our Race.  We’ve done a lot this day. We do the western Pulse Reading like on a Vital Sign Check Up, the Oriental Hilot Pulse reading, we do also Tawas and the Kapwa Tarot Reading by Kai Kai.  It was like a baptism of Fire for Kai Kai as she practice what she have learned from us in the past days. Indeed i agree to what she always tell that she need to learn her Human Anatomy and Physiology as she willl work out with Hilot. Though most of our Hilot are Spiritually inspired but all the inspiration of the Spirit will come into matter as it is said that:

As above, so the Soul;

AS Within, so Without;

As the Spirit, So as the Soul!

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Healing the World with Hilot

From 2015 we officially have shared the Ancient Knowledge of Hilot to the People of the World as we have produced Hilot Binabaylan to people of different nationalities.

We are proud to say that we have shared this ancient tradition of healing arts and science of Hilot to the people that lives in the USA, Canda, Chile, Spain, Japan, Austria and the Philippines. Soon we are also reaching out to the people of Italy to share the Arts and Science of Hilot as Philippine Traditional Medicine.

So people now ask how to avail the Knowledge of Hilot. Do we have a center or schools in the countries that we have mentioned?

As of this moment we do not have Schools or Learning Center outside the Philippines. Our Hilot Academy is located within Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. at Lot 79 Phase A, Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan, 3023, Philippines.

People come to our place to learn with us. We have one day course program that will supplement the learnings that you already have in the healthcare industry/ profession or a complete 8 day training package that you can avail either on a stay out or stay in program.

We are just a small space within Francisco Home Subdivision in the City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. By day it can only accommodate 3 to 5 person when we conduct training. But for student who avails our stay in course program, it can only accommodate up to 2 persons for room sharing.

For students who plan to take the full course in our stay in program, we offer you food and accommodation and also we have a wifi in our place. All of our training goes with modules and certificate. And we can do personalized and customized program for your learning needs.

In order to enroll, kindly fill up our application form that can be seen at the bottom of this page or you may email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com