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How much is the cost of Hilot?

Researchers of Philippine Traditional Medicine goes to places around the archepelago to experience the amazing healing touch of manghihilot. Mostly authentic hilot can be found in rural areas that is far away from the civilized society. The Manghihilot (hilot provider) are the primary healthcare specialist where the common people consult with not only because of its effectivity but also for

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MasaHilot of Kaduwa

It’s our second day of Livelihood Training of Hilot Wellness for Kaduwa Movement Equality through Compassion Inc. We have talked about the importance of taking client information and its relavance to his/her health condition. The first technique that been shared is also a form of diagnostic method whereas the practitioner analyze the elements within the name of the patient and

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Hilot is not just a Massage

Many people misunderstood hilot as a relaxing massage. Even TESDA is guilty about introducing Hilot as a wellness Massage.For everyones information, Hilot is not just Massage but it is a Holistic Indigeneous Learnable Operational Treatment modality. It aims to Heal by harmonizing enhancing and alleviating life of the people. Hilot uses Halaman, Init, Liwanag, Orasyon and Tubig in their healing

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Hilot our Pride

This page started as Philippine Traditional Hilot Wellness Massage and promoting it as Alternative Medicine. As we start we walk together with PHILIPPINE CERTIFIED WELLNESS THERAPIST ASSOCIATION as our main organization for our Tesda Graduate in Hilot Wellness NC2 and Massage Therapy NC2 until the group was disolve to give way for DoH organization of Licensed Massage Therapist that is

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