Dagdagay Kulis Foot Massage

40471690_2136603576413958_4308519317978218496_nOur feet plays an important role in our Physical body by giving us the ability to stand and walk aside from these physical function, it also has a psycho emotional function of helping us to walk our path towards a successful future.

Dagdagay Kulis Foot Massage is the ancient knowledge of foot care by our Cordilleran Igorot Ancestors that we are bringing back to the modern time.

Course Content:

  • Anatomy and Physiology of the Feet
  • Psycho Emotional Symbolism of the feet
  • Foot Care Hygiene
  • Preliminary Foot Treatment Sequence
  • Dagdagay Kulis Stick Procedure
  • Foot Massage

Duration: 8 Hours (1 day)

Fee: Php 3,000.00



Bentusa Fire Cupping Treatment

bentusaBentusa is an ancient healing arts used for diagnosis and treatment. Historically, Hippocrates used it in treating internal diseases and structural problem. It is also used as a system of healthcare to restore balance of the four humors which is the blood, phlegm, yellow bile and the black bile. In China, it is used to dispel stagnation- stagnant blood and lymph, thereby improving circulation of life force.  They also use it to treat respiratory disease such as common cold, pneumonia, and bronchitis.  It can be used on back, neck, shoulder and other musculo-skeletal conditions.

Course Content

  • Principles of Treatment
  • Indication and Contraindication
  • Types of Application
  • Methods of Application
  • Sequential process of application
  • After care treatment

Duration: 8 Hours (1 Day)

 Fee: Php 3,000.00



Hilot Hygiene

Water is the ancient element that has fundamental role in Healthcare. And in the process of Healing, cleansing has the primary importance in delivering wellness back to the client.


Course Content

  • Importance of Water
  • Purifying Herbs and oils
  • Suob
  • Hilod
  • Paligo or Banyos

Students who will take this class are advised to bring extra clothes and towels.

Duration: 8 Hours (1 day)

Fee: Php 3,000.00

Pulse Reading Analysis

Our Pulse pertains to the activity of our Heart. It is the movement of the blood that goes in and out of our heart. Since our Blood is moving all through out our body as it transport nutrition to our internal organs, it also transmit information to the condition of the internal organs through analyzing the quality of our Pulse.


Course Content

  • Definition of Pulse
  • Pulse Location
  • Client Profiling
  • Sensing of Pulse
  • Finger positioning
  • Pulse Pressure
  • Organs and its correspondence
  • Documenting Pulse result
  • Recommendations

Duration: 8 Hours (1 Day)

 Fee: Php 3,000.00

Kilubansa Energy Healing Rituals


Kilubansa is a Filipino Deity of Healing. He is a Diwata, a being of light which is a spark of the Universal God.  On December 8, 2012- Apu Adman Aghama have rediscovered the ways of Kilubansa Healing.

Kilu refers to the weight measurement and Bansag which refers to the name or Bansa which houses the community.

Course Content

  • Priciples of Kilubansa Healing
  • The Key Elements of Life and being
  • The Lower and Higher Self of man
  • The Seven Souls
  • The importance of sound in healing
  • Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis
  • Pauli Egg Tawas Ritual
  • Pagpag Exorcising Ritual
  • Patong Dampi Energizing & Sealing Ritual Ritual

Duration: 16 Hours (2 Days)

 Fee: Php 6,000.00

TAWAS Diagnostic

Tawas Diagnostic is the Traditional Filipino Diagnostic procedure conducted by a Manghihilot prior to implementing cure or remedy to the illness of a person. Traditionally the art of practicing Tawas was passed down from the Generation of Healer or was given through a Spiritual Vision.

Now in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we have documented procedures and develop learning instructions in practicing Tawas.


Course Content

  • Concept of Life, Health, Wellness and Illness
  • Importance of Tawas priors to Hilot Treatment
  • Orasyon: The Therapeutic Communication
  • Physical and Spiritual Senses
  • Symbology: colors, numbers and images
  • Physical & Spiritual approach of Reading/ Interpretation of Symbols
    • Elements & Elementals
    • Physical Organs
  • Tawas procedures, tools, ways or uses

Duration: 16 hours ( 2days)

Fee: Php 6,000.00

Backup and restore

I know everyone has an android or smartphone, isn’t it? And the common problem that we encounter with our mobile device is hanging up. This situation make us freeze what we are doing because we are waiting for our phone to comeback so that we can work again.

But what technique do you do when your mobile device is constantly hanging up?

Yesterday, i had an unpleasant experience with my phone that is hanging up. It won’t allow me access social media even to do text messages. The reason for it is that its memory is full. So i need to back up all my files and reset my phone to restore its activity.

In our life, sometimes our activities have been stopped due to some struggles that we can’t move on. These struggles are due to past memory of experiences that we can’t get over. Sometimes in order to move on and restore our activity, we need to backup and delete those memory so that we can start all over again.

What had happened to us in the past will never be changed. It already happened in the past and not in the present. The only thing we could do now is to live in our present and create happy memories with our current actions in our life.

Tawas or Spiritual Diagnosis and counselling could help us to move one with our life. Pagpag Exorcism Ritual could help us shake off this past unpleasant memories so that we can move on and live a better life.

Hilot could help us see our purpose and live our life to the fullest.


What Massage Oil to use in Hilot?

There are many massage oils that are available in the market now-a-days but not all of it are advisable to use. Most of the massage oils that being sold are made of Mineral oil but in hilot we discourage the use of Mineral oil but use Nutritive Oil instead.


Hilot Massage uses oil not only for the lubrication of the skin but it also have the function of nourishing the body through topical application of the Nutritive oil towards the skin. The best massage oil that hilot could use are the nutritive ones or the oil that can also be taken internally as a food like vegetable oil. This is why Hilot recommend the use of Virgin Coconut Oil in massage. But if VCO is not availble, any vegetable oil is applicable to use.

The Goal of Hilot Massage

youtube hilot.pngStill up to now, many people are confused with Hilot and Massage. Everyone think that Hilot is Massage that is similar to Swedish Massage but unfortunately Hilot is not just a Massage. Massage is only one treatment modality that a Hilot could provide aside from Herbal Treatment, Bio Energetic Medicine, Spiritual Healing and counselling sessionHilot can treat not only the Physical ailments but also the emotional, mental and spiritual condition of an individual.

In focusing this article to the concept of Hilot Massage; in the Philippines we call Massage as Masahe and not Hilot. The Goal of Massage in Hilot is to promote healing, to alleviate pain and discomfort, to hasten recovery, to initiate relaxation and to improve the well being of the client/patient.

So how do Hilot do that?

In promoting healing, the Hilot need to determine first the cause of illness in order to provide healing. Hilot conduct a thorough investigation using the art of TAWAS or diagnosis. The Hilot also employ pulse reading, hilot pasalat at pakapa to determine which part of the body that has ailment.

Upon determining the body part that has pain, the Hilot now will apply herbal oil/ liniment to rub the body part that is affected with pain to relief discomfort. But again, in applying herbs is not limited on massage or rubbing the superficial part of the body, it depends on the condition of the patient so if massage is contraindicated Hilot can apply herbal poultice instead and wrap the herbs on the body part that is affected with banana leaf or other appropriate herbs

By applying special medicinal herbs recovery will be hasten; and giving massage to the patient will induce sleep that will relax the patient that will lead to the improvement of well being.

Hilot as Philippine Traditional Medicine

World Health Organization defines Traditional Medicine as:”… the sum total of the knowledge, skill, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.”- WHO Definition of Traditional Medicine.

12495080_1078082395595031_7694227900456780327_nAs per WHO definition, we in the academy advocates that Hilot qualifies to be the Philippines Traditional Medicine as it qualifies World Health Organization definition of Traditional Medicine being used in maintenance of health as well as in prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.

The Academy always reiterated that Hilot is a complete Science and Art of Traditional Filipino Medicine as it provides preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative form of healthcare.

Hilot does heal not only the Physical Body from ailment but it covers to deal with the emotional and mental stability of the patient/ client. As traditional medicine, Hilot is not limited into one modality of Massage but also it incorporates other healing modality in its treatment procedures. The Academy provides formal workshop and training to those who are interested to master the Arts and Science of Hilot.