TAWAS Diagnostic

Tawas Diagnostic is the Traditional Filipino Diagnostic procedure conducted by a Manghihilot prior to implementing cure or remedy to the illness of a person. Traditionally the art of practicing Tawas was passed down from the Generation of Healer or was given through a Spiritual Vision.

Now in Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, we have documented procedures and develop learning instructions in practicing Tawas.


Course Content

  • Concept of Life, Health, Wellness and Illness
  • Importance of Tawas priors to Hilot Treatment
  • Orasyon: The Therapeutic Communication
  • Physical and Spiritual Senses
  • Symbology: colors, numbers and images
  • Physical & Spiritual approach of Reading/ Interpretation of Symbols
    • Elements & Elementals
    • Physical Organs
  • Tawas procedures, tools, ways or uses

Duration: 16 hours ( 2days)

Fee: Php 6,000.00


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