Stripping Off our identity

Hilot is our National Pride.

But how many Filipino still know the Traditional Healing Arts and Science of our mother land?

The Ancient Arts and Sciences of Traditional healing are being stripped off from us by modernization. The advancement of our technology makes Hilot to become an alternative in the absence of Modern Medicine.

Before when an expectant mother is about to give birth, the family member will call a manghihilot to deliver the baby into birth. Now, this duty of Attending Birth has been stripped off from the manghihilot and given to the Registered Midwife.

Before when people need a powerful herb to cure their illness they will consult a manghihilot for prescription but now-a-days people will go to a Physician and Pharmacist for prescription that will only provide relief.

These are few of the many roles of a Manghihilot as a healthcare provider that been stripped off by modernization.

And now-a-days there is an upcoming threat to kill the work of Manghihilot, and we stand for Hilot to be preserved and be on the hands of the Filipino People.

If you are a Manghihilot, an NC2 Holder, Trainer and Assessor, comment down your name to be included on our General Assembly for Manghihilot in the Philippines.


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