Torn into pieces

There are illness of a person that a medical doctor could not see inspite of a thorough medical check up and procedure conducted to the individual to provide relief.

In this case, Filipino will consult a Traditional Healer which is a Hilot and ask for a cure.

Illness of a person does not always start in the Physical Body. Depending on the situation and present condition, the illness of a person may start either start on emotional, mental or even on a soul level.

The process of life which gives health to the individual starts from the mind which is the psyche; and Tawas works on the realms of Psyche to determine the root cause of illness not just the Physical limitions as a result of illness but also towards the realms of emotion and the mind.

The Manghihilot who perform tawas will journey to check on the Seven Souls which animate the Physical Body and retrieve them to bring back the optimum functioning of the persons life which we know as Health and Wellness.

Millenials and the new generation of people have forgoten this but its effectivity in preventive and promotive health is a valuable practice.

We invite all Healthcare professionals to learn this technique of Traditional Disgnostic measure so that we could provide proper treatment and maintain the optimum health of our client/patient.

For inquiries, appointment and schedule for training or treatment, you may contact Apu Adman Aghama through text or call at +639952467040 or email at


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