Damit Tala

September 11,2018 we went early to the Office of Participatory Governance in Malacañang Palace to demonstrate Philipine Traditional Hilot.

We almost not be able to make it because the Palace Guard wont allow one of my companion to enter the ground because of a strict dress code.

Me and mam nina get panic because of the situation and we search for a nearby store just to buy pants so that we could proceed. But we dont find a store nearby.

But thanks to the Diwata, i’ve been reminded to bring malong. So i ask for a comfort room and we change our clothes there and wear the Damit Tala of Binabaylang Hilot.

Amazingly when we change our clothes, the strict palace guard allows us to enter the ground and honot the clothes we wear with highest respect.

Indeed, in order for Hilot to be respected with highest honor we must present our selves with descency and dignity. As Hilot, we do not just wear anything we want to wear, but we must be identified with highest honor through the clothing we wear.

Here below are some of the adventures we have in Opg, Mabini Hall, Malacañang, Manila.


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