Healing our Home

It is not enough to set up therapeutic environment without cleaning and healing it. Personal Healing must also extend to the environment and also to the Community where we live.

If we cleanse and heal the person without cleaning and healing the environment where that person lives, the illness will come back and the healing you provide will be of no use.

Illness of human being does not only comes from infection due to bacteria or viruses, but also due to emotional, mental and social aspects.

Hilot provides Holistic Healing to ensure optimum health and wellness of the patient. Massage will only relieve pain of the Body, but hilot will provide cure not only to the Physical body but as well as to the mind, emotion and spirit.

Be healed and ask a Hilot Binabaylan by having an appointment with us.

Call or text us at +639952467040 or email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com


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