Realms of Hilot

Many people still know Hilot as a form of Massage comparably think of it as similar to Swedish Massage. But did’nt realise that Massage is only one of the realms of Hilot which is categorised into Physical Medicine through its manipulative technique application.

Aside from Massage, Hilot also covers the use of Herbs and Psycho Emotional Counseling through the traditional diagnostic method known as Tawas or what we call as Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System.

Since the Goal of Hilot is to Heal, we heal the person Holistically that touches not only the Physical body of the Client, but as well as the Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual Body of the Client.

In order to affect cure, the Hilot Practitioner must also work out on the environmental atmosphere where the client lives so that we may prevent the recurence of the illness from the patient when he or she has been cured.

It is like cleaning up the aquarium tank of the Goldfish so that it will not get sick, so as we as Hilot must also cure the place where our client lives to make our treatment effective.

We do not pamper our client/patient as Hilot, but we teach our client to be responsible in taking care of their health.

In Hilot Academy, we diacourage our graduate to provide Home Service to their client because we dont want to tolerate our clients negligence in caring for their own health. In order for Hilot to heal, we must also teach our client to have discipline.


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