Backup and restore

I know everyone has an android or smartphone, isn’t it? And the common problem that we encounter with our mobile device is hanging up. This situation make us freeze what we are doing because we are waiting for our phone to comeback so that we can work again.

But what technique do you do when your mobile device is constantly hanging up?

Yesterday, i had an unpleasant experience with my phone that is hanging up. It won’t allow me access social media even to do text messages. The reason for it is that its memory is full. So i need to back up all my files and reset my phone to restore its activity.

In our life, sometimes our activities have been stopped due to some struggles that we can’t move on. These struggles are due to past memory of experiences that we can’t get over. Sometimes in order to move on and restore our activity, we need to backup and delete those memory so that we can start all over again.

What had happened to us in the past will never be changed. It already happened in the past and not in the present. The only thing we could do now is to live in our present and create happy memories with our current actions in our life.

Tawas or Spiritual Diagnosis and counselling could help us to move one with our life. Pagpag Exorcism Ritual could help us shake off this past unpleasant memories so that we can move on and live a better life.

Hilot could help us see our purpose and live our life to the fullest.



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