The Goal of Hilot Massage

youtube hilot.pngStill up to now, many people are confused with Hilot and Massage. Everyone think that Hilot is Massage that is similar to Swedish Massage but unfortunately Hilot is not just a Massage. Massage is only one treatment modality that a Hilot could provide aside from Herbal Treatment, Bio Energetic Medicine, Spiritual Healing and counselling sessionHilot can treat not only the Physical ailments but also the emotional, mental and spiritual condition of an individual.

In focusing this article to the concept of Hilot Massage; in the Philippines we call Massage as Masahe and not Hilot. The Goal of Massage in Hilot is to promote healing, to alleviate pain and discomfort, to hasten recovery, to initiate relaxation and to improve the well being of the client/patient.

So how do Hilot do that?

In promoting healing, the Hilot need to determine first the cause of illness in order to provide healing. Hilot conduct a thorough investigation using the art of TAWAS or diagnosis. The Hilot also employ pulse reading, hilot pasalat at pakapa to determine which part of the body that has ailment.

Upon determining the body part that has pain, the Hilot now will apply herbal oil/ liniment to rub the body part that is affected with pain to relief discomfort. But again, in applying herbs is not limited on massage or rubbing the superficial part of the body, it depends on the condition of the patient so if massage is contraindicated Hilot can apply herbal poultice instead and wrap the herbs on the body part that is affected with banana leaf or other appropriate herbs

By applying special medicinal herbs recovery will be hasten; and giving massage to the patient will induce sleep that will relax the patient that will lead to the improvement of well being.


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