Italian Hilot Guaritore

Meeting new people around the world provides a venue for learning opportunity.  And the best learning experience you will have is when you live together at home. Our own Home is the first School every individual have. This is where our behavior is first formed and molded. In our own home is where we receive first love and care that we treasure most. We receive our life lesson from our Mother and Father, so as to our brother and sister and other relatives. They become our role model in living our life.

Hilot is an experiential modality of healing rather than academic. It’s method are learned not through theories and scholarly manner but through experience. It is first passed down by the Divinity to the Babaylan; and the Babaylan to the Community. In every Filipino Home, there is one who usually stand as a Healer in the Family and mostly the mothers.  Indeed in our Home, my Mother is our Healer. And now that she have crossed the veil, it is now my turn to continue the Healing Tradition of Hilot in our Family. And as a mission in preserving our Hilot, I am sharing it to the world as my Legacy of love to mankind.

Hilot as we all know it here is the Philippine Traditional Medicine. Indeed it is from the Philippines but its practice is not limited to the Filipino only. The wisdom of Hilot is not about the actual application of the procedures but the Discipline and Wisdom of the practitioner to provide love and care. In sharing our Love and Care does not require us to have a highest educational Diploma or Title, but only our willingness to share. Yes Sharing is the right term instead of giving or providing.  Because when we share Hilot, we do not need have to be empty handed unlike in giving you totally left nothing for you. In sharing all of us enjoy the benefit of Hilot. We do not take the illness nor give our power but we share it to one another to improve ourselves, our health and our life.

This is what we experience with our Ayurvedic Therapist from Turin, Italy. We share our Hilot to him as he also share his Art and Healing Modality to us.  Agar Agar is our newest Hilot Binabaylan from Turin, Italy.  He took our lesson on the 23rd of July that he completed on the 29th of July 2019. He will go back to Italy on the 31st of July so we all wish him Buon Viaggio.

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