Hilot is a Choice

img201905091754021982077415.jpgI apologize to all my friends who ask me to join or subscribe to their company who sells self care or home care products such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, feminine wash, oils, lotions, ointments, etc.

I appreciate your concern but i apologize for refusing your offer.


And for everyone Information, like i always tell here that HILOT IS NOT A MASSAGE.

As Manghihilot we also make our own self care products.

This is the reason why i teach Hilot so that i may share to the world the techniques on how not to be enslaved by commercialism and capitalism.

I understand that all of us wants to earn money. It is not bad because all of us are enslaved of it already so we really need to make money.

In making money we need to work; and in working we need strength; in having strength we need to be healthy. And on being Healthy we also have a choice.

Introducing Hilot gives the people of the world to choose the type of healthcare procedures they want to apply into their lives.

They may choose to use synthetic products of the conventional medicine or they may choose Traditional Medicine.

On the part of Traditional Medicine, it is still wide for there are many choices also such as what the Philippine Institute of Traditional Alternative Health Care is promoting which is the Traditional and Complementary Medicine that is usually Chinese Oriental Medicine.

The problem with our Society specially with the said institute, they have forgotten to promote our very own HILOT WHICH IS OUR TRADITIONAL INDIGENOUS AND NATURAL MEDICINE.

And on this Case as Manghihilot, i will live to promote it and apply it in to my life. I will do this until the time that our own Government will recognize it and give importance to it. And so as i plead also to all my friends to support and use our very own Medicine which is Hilot.

Last year i ask my Former boss in Tesda why the Training Standard and Regulation of Hilot Wellness Massage cant be change, she just said that it could not be undone. So that means, until that regulation will not be re written it will continue to be implemented until the original and authentic Hilot will be lost and people around the world will think that what they are implementing is right.

Well if that is so, Hilot will just remain as Massage and the medicine and application of Herbs, Heat, Light, Time and Water will be ignored and forgotten by the future so called manghihilot.


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