Attune to the Energies of your Home

The common problem of people living abroad (outside Philippines) as they learn Hilot Pahid from us they may opt out to perform Pagsasala when they go back to their home country because in their country there is no banana leaf available. But that should not be a problem.


If there are no banana leaves, there are other alternative aside from Banana Tree. Traditionally when there is no banana leaf the Manghihilot use cellophane or paper to do pagsasala, but in Hilot Academy we refrain our practitioners in doing that but instead use different leaf that is similar to the texture of the Banana Leaf.

Pagsasala is a Pre Hilot Pahid procedure which prepare the body of the client for a deeper treatment session. It could also become a stand alone treatment due to its therapeutic nature of detoxification as well as in providing rich in oxygen nutrients to the skin. The pagsasala ritual acts as a cardio pulmonary resuscitation using the leaves.

So in using glass or plastic, instead of releasing oxygen it will only release carbon and other toxins inside the body through the pores. So better use banana leaf or any other green leaf that has smooth surface.

As Manghihilot you are encouraged to attuned to the energies of the place where you live. Take a walk along the neighborhood early in the morning. See if there are plants or trees nearby. Recognize each of them by breathing with them. Recognize their scent. Recognize their texture by touch. When there are no plant or trees nearby, find a garden shop and start cultivating plants in your home. Or better yet go to the supermarket and find Turmeric Rhizome or Ginger and plant it.

As manghihilot, we must refrain ourselves to be limited on the tools we use in Healing. We already have learned that all the things we need are already provided to us by the Universe. As much as possible we only use herbs that is endemic into our place and as we use it we also cultivate and propagate them so that they will continue to provide the medicine we use and need. You as Manghihilot has the responsibility not only to your life but also to the life of our Planet.


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