Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid Workshop is a Success

72433132_10156167219761537_2120975496396144640_nThank You Iceberg Infante and Ms. Lera Padua for coming in to participate on our Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid Workshop. Even by parts we have shared to you the Ancient Healing Methods of our ancestors. Indeed as we have discussed that our techniques might not be recognized by the allopathic doctors to be an exact science on determining the cause of illness but we can guarantee that learning Hilot Pulsuhan, Bentusa and Pahid can be a preventive healthcare modality that can maintain your optimum health and wellness.

By Learning these 3 techniques on Hilot in performing Pulse Reading Analysis, Bentusa Fire Cupping and Hilot Pahid as an art of Applying Medicine to your client, I am sure enough that you can obtain favorable result in your treatment session with them. Just be reminded that constant practice will lead you to perfection on your craft as it will teach you to discover and understand the different pulse activities and condition of your Patients. Always bear in mind that each person is different from one another so the technique on giving Hilot to our patient can not be standardized as the same treatment for everyone. Always recognize individual differences and respect that differences of one another.

In providing Bentusa i encourage everyone to overcome your Fear. The Fire we use in Bentusa is our Friend. Let this Fire Guide you to radiate your Love and Passion in Healing our student/ patient. As you send your love i am reminding you also to Trust you self. Doubt and Fear is the biggest factor why our healing ability will not work. Overcome it with Trust and Love. And finally allow your self be the channel of the Divine Spirit to be his medium. Consecrate your Hands to do the Divine Work of Creation, Co Creation and Re Creation. Let your hands be used by God and make it to be the Hand of God in touching people to improve their lives. Our Duty as Manghihilot is not a mundane work that need to be standardized by the Mundane Government that need to secure National Certification or License but only by the calling and ordination of God.

You have made it and God have allowed you to learn the techniques so use it now to bring back Glory to God.



Hilot Apprentice

Miracles happen when you believe. Hilot has been known as a folkloric medicine that is based on spirituality and mysticism but when you spend time discovering its ways you will see the arts and science behind it. Our ancestors who practice this as our First Medicine are unschooled individuals who has no Certificates, Diploma or Professional License to practice it but it works wonders on their patients.

Not all Manghihilot were born as Manghihilot. Some of them became a Patient first that been healed by a manghihilot from chronic illness and as part of thanksgiving to God they swear an oath to continue the practice of Hilot to preserve it. From observation and oral instruction they emulate how their manghihilot heal them and apply it to their family and later to their neighborhood. Some Manghihilot learn through the recollection of their memories on how their parents and grandparents personally apply our indigenous medicine to them when they are sick. And through practice they enhance their abilities to heal.

verma apprenticeshipThere are no formal schools of Hilot way back then. They learn Hilot through apprenticeship, observation and oral instructions given to them by their elders. There is no certificate, diploma or professional license given to them as a proof that they know how to perform hilot.  The only proof that you are manghihilot is that you perform and obtain favorable results in your action that is Healing.

It takes a lot of courage and confidence in order to be a Manghihilot. That is why sometimes it is considered also as a Faith Healing Modality because you need a lot of faith and trust in your ability that you can work wonder in healing your patient. Being a Manghihilot is not a Certified Professional but they are Ordained Minister in bringing back wellness into life. Since the main belief in Hilot is that Life is a sacred gift from the Divine, and our body is the house of the spirit so the work of manghihilot does not only focus on the Physical matter but also works on the soul and spiritual well being.

Pulse Reading, Bentusa and Hilot Pahid Workshop on October 13

Take Advantage of this 3 in 1 Workshop on Philippine Traditional Hilot. This will happen on October 13, 2019- Sunday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM at Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc., Lot 79 Phase A Francisco Homes Narra, City of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan.

1. Learn the Science and Art of Pulse Reading this will equip the provider with knowledge on how to analyze the pulse and determine the weak organs of the client and from that we can make a better plan the treatment methodology we could provide for our client.

2. Bentusa Fire Cupping is an Ancient Healing Modality that is not only used in the Philippines but it is practiced all through out the ancient civilization in the World such as China,India, Greece and Saudi Arabia. The Art and Science of Bentusa Fire Cupping works on the condition of the Blood from where we could determine if the Blood is bringing poisonous energy or Life Force.

3. Hilot Pahid is the Manual natural medicine of our ancestors where they apply oil to the body parts that is in pain and perform hand strokes to remove blockages that forms in the Body. Hilot Pahid is the Wellness Massage of the Philippines.

In this workshop we will include also the Art and Science of Pagsasala or the use of Green Leaf in scanning blockages that cause illness.

By attending to our One Workshop, participants will also get the privilege to become a member to our Exclusive group Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.

Register now for only Php 3000.00 and express your intention to join us by texting Apu Adman Aghama at +639952467040 Now!