When a Manghihilot needs Hilot

The image you can see is the thumbnail of my last vlog that i made when i still can speak clearly. But if you will compare it to my previous vlog, you will notice my difficulty of speaking in this vlog.

As manghihilot, I am not only carrying the Healing knowledge from our Ancestors but also am a Culture Bearer.

In this video i teach our viewers our Traditional Divinatory method called Luknit which uses 4 crocodile tooth or 4 tusk of wild boar. Since we dont have that material we use 4 cowry shells instead.

My journey towards this advocacy in preserving our ancestral healing arts is now at risk of being halted due to my personal health problem.

I acknowledge that im not alone in pushing this advocacy on hilot, we still have manong Virgilio Apostol Mayor in San Diego, California who teach Traditional Ablon which is an Ilocano form of Hilot.

I understand that there is a Big expectation from healers like us in terms of handling our personal health. People might think that why you get sick? You are Hilot. Heal your self.

But in fact, we know how to care for ourself, but our compassion is greater than our selfcare, which we choose to set aside our self and give our care and attention to the need of others.

The most common mistake of our local manghihilot is the idea of Divine Service which means that you as manghihilot receive your Gifts of Healing from God so you must give your service to the public for free. And because of that many manghihilot are imprisoned in this idea of self sacrifice for the betterment of the public.

And with that attitude the personal health of a manghihilot is affected. Not only with their physical body but also in their mind and emotion.

Remember they are still humans that are bound with the limitations of the mundane world. Specially those who are still alive today lives in the modern world where money id needed.

So be kind to our manghihilot, they are our healers not only of our physical body but also of our soul. They are just shy to ask as they do not want you to be bothered by their situation.

I am sending my love to all of the living Hilot in this modern times. I can feel you and i am with you.

And thank you to all who send their love to me. I promise, i will work it out to be well as soon as possible.

Mayari na!



2 thoughts on “When a Manghihilot needs Hilot

  1. Apu Adman I just watched your most recent vlog and I’m sorry to learn about your mini stroke. I hope that your journey to recovery will be easy and fast. I want to share what I’ve been reading and learning about nutrition. According to Hippocrates, ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Prior to finding out about hilot academy I’ve been searching for answers in my mind and heart of what am I here for in addition to raising my children. I’ve always been drawn to babaylan myths and the roles of food in our daily life. I think I finally found the answers: plant based foods and hilot. When you get a chance please get a hold of most recent book Eat for Life by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. or among his other books Eat to Live. Reading this finally made me understand the critical importance of plant based diet and I realized too that prior to colonization our indigenous foods are mostly plant based. My goals are to embrace the healings of hilot and food as thy medicine. Please look into this for rapid recovery. The testimonials alone are amazing! I’m so looking forward to your teachings and recovery.

    My personal mantra Kaya Ko Kaya Mo and Kaya Mo Kaya Ko.

    Maraming salamat

    Olivia Zapanta-Mir

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    1. Thanks Olivia ans yes i am awed with your email address and its beautiful that it can encourage people. i remember what my mother told me always before she die that what ever i think what i want to happen in my like just think of kaya mo yan/


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