One thought on “I think of Retiring: Message of Apu Adman

  1. Dear Apu Adman,

    Just listened to your post and I pray that you’re recovery will be easy and fast. Whatever is best for you you must follow.

    My father had his first stroke young age of 35 when we were still living in Philippines. He was a crazy smoker and drank beer a lot with his brothers. But he was also very temperamental. His diet was not good either: salty, fatty, oily, meaty and lots of carbs especially when we moved to America. He retired early but he had several episodes of strokes. He had high blood pressure and diabetic. My mother on the other hand didn’t have any ailments but arthritis. But cancer of the blood took her quick within 11 days. With this heavy sadness in my heart due to their premature passing at age 70s, I grieve for them still. I have asked myself what could I have done to help them alleviate their ailments. In America we suffer from an obesity epidemic and stagnation. At least in our country people walk, talk to neighbors, eat better with fruits and vegetables and little meat. In my family we have a lot of obese people. So I began my search for healthy way of eating and I learned through Dr Fuhrman Eat to Live and Eat for Life books the keys to great health based in his research and treatment of more than 30 thousand patients who had myriad of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer etc.

    Please please please it is urgent that we all follow nutritarian diet to reverse any disease.

    Eat one pound of greens or vegetables daily, limit or stop eating any meats, eat 3 fruits daily, don’t use oil in cooking or use very little to start or stop, eat a handful of raw nuts daily, and walk daily minimum 30 minutes. He calls it G-BOMBS nutritarian diet G greens B beans or legumes O onions M mushrooms B berries S seeds

    Please get a copy of his books Eat to Live or Eat for Life. The breakthrough nutrient-rich program for longevity, disease reversal, and sustained weight loss.

    We must take really good care of our one and only body and treat it with hilot and high nutrient foods that comes from Mother Nature not in boxes or plastics.

    Apu Adman as your nanay said “Kaya mo yan”.

    If you want to discuss it more let’s talk through WhatsApp and I’m willing to share what I’ve read.

    Kaya Ko Kaya Mo and in sisterhood Olivia

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