I am now a Zombie!

I want to record here the memory when my stroke started as far as i can recall. I know that I and Lakay were craving for Buko Pandan that we asked ka Bheng bheng to make us some in exchange for a meatball spaghetti. So after Lunch i Borrowed my sister motor cycle so that i could withdraw money at atm because i don’t have money at hand. After getting money from atm , we went to cemetery which is just nearby to talk to nanay. We just spend a few minutes with nanay as i talk to nanay, lakay asked if he could learn to drive the motorcycle. so i allow him to practice driving. before going home, we stop by to the grocery to buy ingredients for the meatball. and when we got to tatay’s home i start to cook meatballs then spaghetti.

my tongue rolled back to my throat

it was that day when I start to feel differently, because at that day i start to feel that my legs and hip has no power that i feel that i am being pulled down to the ground. i just ignored that symptoms that i thought i am just tired. so we end up that day happily. and valentines day arrived. On the night of 14th, I start to feel differently, I am about to sleep and sitting in front of the altar to pray then all of the sudden i hear my self differently.

At that night I called Joan immediately together with Lakay, they brought me to Qualimed Hospital and there was given initial diagnosis. They told me at that time I am suffering from Transient Ischemic Attack which is a form pf mini stroke. and was recommended for admission. As i’ve been talked by the admission officer, they told me to be isolated for 7 days without any companion to see if i am clear from Covid19. I refuse their offer because they will charge me Php 30,000.00/ day in order to receive treatment. Well it is obvious why i refuse their treatment because i do not have that amount for a day times 7 days. I really feel bad because i dont have that money just to be treated well. And at that time i already feel that I already die because i am not making enough money that I will be treated well, I really feel bad not only for my self but also to others who do not have money that could pay Php 30,000.00 but at least there is a public hospital that is free. But you have to endure on a long queue before you will be called and be given care. I experience that because I dont have money to pay, so i seek free government service that i endure to have a series of stroke episode before receiving care from medical professional.

FRom Qualimed i ‘ve been diagnosed with MIni stroke then to Sapang Palay Emergency Hospital it become to mild stroke, now that i found a private cklinic doctor it become a full blown stroke.


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