Healing Crisis

This video demonstrate what happens to a person who is recieving Hilot.

When a sick person comes to manghihilot, the person is being filled with clean energy upto the brim and overflow.

Watch the bubble (which is the toxin within the body, this may represent negative energies that affect also the mind, emotion and the spirit).

As clean energy comes in to the body (represented by the faucet water) the unclear energy is being brought up and expelled out, but cleansing doesnt stop there becuase it needed to be thoroughly cleansed.

When someone feel that their ailments become aggravated, that means all negative energies have been purged out. The same thing happen in soul healing. The person will experience mood swings, hatred, bad luck and so on until overflowing love and blessings will flourish.

The work of healing does not stop in addressing pain but ot should work continuesly until we gain the expected result.

When all is well then, the patient becomes now the vessel of possitive energy that s/he also becomes a healer.

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