The cost of Healthcare

Last time i went to the hospital to let my nephew who is just two years old be checked by a pediatrician. After a long qeue, the name of my nephew have been called and its time for us to seat in front of the Doctors desk.

Without lifting her butt on the chair, the doctor write on her prescription pad for the medicine we should administer to my nephew and a recommendation for a laboratory test for his blood and urine then the doctor asked us to come back when the laboratory result has been made for her to interpret.

Then we left her office and go straight ahead to the cashier to pay the Doctors fee of Php 450.00 ; then we go to the Pharmacy to buy the prescribed medicine the doctoe gave us that cost Php 1,000.00; then we go to the Laboratory and pay again Php 500.00 for the Urine and Blood Test; and on the other day i alone come back to the doctors office for the Laboratory result interpretation that luckily i only pay Php 50.00 for the Hospital Charge.

If we will sum up all the money we spend, it cost me Php 2,000.00 or USD 37.21. This is the cost now for modern Health Care and not all people could afford to have spend Php 2,000.00 a day.

I feel so sorry that i have not that enough time to spend my days with my nephew and family member. If only the principles of Hilot could be applied daily in our life, we could prevent illness like this and much more serious and chronic diseases.

Every home should have someone who knows the Arts and Science of Hilot in preventing and curing simple ailments that will save them from unnecessary expenses such as from hospitalization.

The true cost of Traditional Healthcare is this. It can be seen from the letter that spelled out the word Hilot which is the letter “o” which stands for Oras or time. Spending time with our love ones will prevent the development of illness. We can protect them from any possible harm that might endanger them to our surroundings. And with the time we spend, we could also share our love to them which is the most Powerful Healer in the world that give us life.

Live and Let Live!


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