Natural Pharmacy

Our land is Blessed with Fertility that it can produce life. All green grass, herbs and tree can grow to our land by simply allowing the seeds covered by soil in time you will see life.

When people get sick and hospitalized, doctor will prescribe medicine that you should buy to the pharmacy to be administered to the patient. And from your doctors prescription you have to ingest different drugs either by mouth or through vein.

In the old times, our Tradicional Medicine Man only administer one herb to restore life of the patient and to recover.

Learning the ways of our ancestors Natural Healing is the best way of preserving our life and maintaining our optimum health.

In Hilot, we do not only care for Human Lives but also we care about the lives of all creation whether be it plant or animal and the world we live in.

Caring for the planet and giving life on it means good life for us as human who cares for mother Earth.


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