Family of Hilot was formed!

With so much pride and gratefulness to announce the successful conduct of our First Manghihilot Festival and General Assembly at I Step School Inc. 157 K3 street, Kamuning Road, Brgy. Kamuning, Quezon City.

And i hereby confirm and certify the following person that attend and participated in our small gathering.

I am very grateful to the following persons:

  • Jay Visconde
  • Ana Liza Balanga
  • Gil Lucas
  • Rogelio Chavez
  • Darwin Misola
  • Maria Villalba
  • Purification Rodriguez
  • John Ray Nagas
  • Janny De Dios
  • Vadielyn Abarca
  • Gina Lorian
  • Myrna Cabamalan
  • Annabelle De Claro
  • Rebecca Basas
  • Crisanta Fedalquin
  • Romualdo Feliciano
  • Lynneth Sarabia
  • Jeliza Reapor
  • Husting Aricheta
  • Verna Aricheta
  • Maifa Fortades
  • Aristotle Siazon
  • Meliton Diazon
  • Phil Arias
  • Jocelyn Abrio
  • Josephine Palaynon
  • Rhime Ibarra
  • May Jessel Fernandez
  • John Gamboa
  • Carmelita Jacobe
  • Julien Pormisson
  • Cristina Illescas
  • Melba Alfonso
  • Wilson Arcilla
  • Ma. Elona Cipriano
  • Maribel Mentoya
  • Alicia Ramirez
  • Marlito Torres and
  • Jose Torres

The result of our activity goes beyond our expectations. Some arrived very early from the call time as we also end up the program late by 11 PM. Some people come from far away places and the farthest i know is from Antique who travel just to participate to our event gathering.

Indeed that Hilot is a family of healers that does not limit to a certain modality in order to help person be relieved from dis ease and in restoring optimum health and wellness. As i notice that our Traditional Healing Arts and Science is very welcoming to integration to other healing modalities such as Natutopathy, Homeopathy and Acupressure. Since Hilot is very intuitive in nature, and the spirit have lead the people to integrate what we individually know to improve and recover the health and wellness of a certain individual.

We are looking forward in the future to see all the people mention above to work together again on a Big Festivity which we will conduct next year.

May everyone be Blessed in Peace.

Mayari Na!



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