Burping during Hilot Session

Have you experience a manghihilot that burps a lot when doing Hilot? Do you believe that the manghihilot absorbs your negative energy and release it through burping?

Well probably the Manghihilot eats a lot thats why when he do hilot he burps a lot.

But seriously, manghihilot does not absorp negative energy, as manghihilot do heals he or she raise energy within his/her body that creates heat and burn his/her own energy thats why s/he burp. The one s/he burn and release through burping is his/her own energy.

Remember in doing hilot it is not only the client who recieves healing but also the manghihilot.

So when a manghihilot burps a lot during the healing session, s/he is burning too much negative energy within his/her body and release it from his/her body.

The form of releasing negative energy from the client is through burping also, farting, oerspiration, urination or even pooing.


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