Pwera Usog

In our discussion during the Hilot Pahid Workshop on defining Hilot healing modality, we have talked about that heat is different from light as a healing method.

On the following day after the workshop, me and lakay are giving feedback on the activities we have done so that we may improve our delivery method in conducting workshop and trainings.

During our feedback session, lakay have clarified that heat is differentiated to light by the sense perception it affected such as heat is for the sense of touch or feelings while the light affects the sense of sight.

Hilot pahid produces heat to the body of the person as it’s action in manipulating the surface of the skin is through friction. While light therapy can also be equated to Color or Chromatherapy which use color in treating the person.

Since color is visual, it can affect the nervous system through its psyho emotional reactions through color. As we continue our self evaluation and feedback, we look also for evidence that our traditional healers use color in treating dis Ease.

And we remember that we have used color to treat and avoid Usog. Usog is a condition where a person absorb too much negative emotions from other person that makes him or her sick. Its not only the babies who can suffer from this illness but also the grown ups too.


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