Prayer and Time

Through prayers we got our answer. As we recite the words to the Universe of our desires, it already been given to us.

Last night i am praying for the health condition of a special someone in my life. Special attention and medication was given so as prayer.

And while praying answer has been given.

“By the Power of Love that give us Life, Peace prevails on Earth.”

This i continually recite until some voice in my head tells me that the Power of Love will cure illness of the lonely soul.

Sometimes a person get sick because they feel that they have been neglected and ignored. And this person nurtured that feeling that s/he is not important that it comes to his/her mind that its better for them to get sick and die.

With that in their mind they loose their own motivation to live.

They eat little. They become weak. They become stink because proper hygiene was not observed. And so on…

Love on other hand as we have mentioned is the force that gives life.

By spending our time to the sick person; Talking to them and hear their stories; Exerting effort of moving their muscles in exercise and physical mabipulation; Spoon feeding them and assisting them to drink; are all possitive energies that we share to the person that could help them recover their health and achieve wellness in life.

The power of prayer to heal is not only through the amount of words we say but through the quality of time we spend with the patient and to the actions we perform to the patient.


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