Init at Liwanag (Heat and Light)

During our Hilot Pahid workshop, we have defined Hilot healing modality as with the use of Halaman (herbs), Init (heat), Liwanag (light), Oras / Orasyon ( Time/ Prayer or therapeutic Communication) and Tubig (Water).

From these acronyms of the healing modality that hilot employed, one participant have asked what is the difference between heat and light since light produces heat.

This is a good question to answer though some may think that light produces heat, this two forms of energy has different vibration and affects two different senses. The light affects our sense of sight while the heat affects our sense of touch.

The light affects our eyes, liver, stomach, digestive system, urinary and reproductive organs; while the heat affects the integumentary system, lungs, heart and the nervous system.


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