Shaping our life through Prayer

Our life here on Earth is monitored by our healthcare provider through the progress of our Physical, Emotional and Mental Health. From there we are advised to eat healthy food and physical activities that will satisfy our mind as well as emotions. In Hilot, aside from valuing the Physical, Emotional and Mental Health- we also give importance to our Spiritual Health.

As Manghihilot, we believe that life comes from the Spirit. And the illness of man is caused either by Physical factor or by spiritual factor. So if there are Physical Medicine that been administered to the Physical Illness of Man, Prayer is our Spiritual Medicine that we administer to Spiritual Illness.

Apu Adman performs Pagpag Pauli Ritual as part of Kilubansa Healing.

Prayer is a form of Spiritual exercise that can affect your emotional and mental Health. Through prayer we express our thoughts by describing through words what we feel. Prayers also help us create a positive outlook in life through voicing out positive affirmation and our goal desires that assure us to have a better future. Prayer help us to be at the present by making us aware of voicing out the content of our hearts, and by hearing it our mind remember and take action through our body.

Prayer is not just a religious or spiritual activity, but it can be used and employed into a Holistic Healthcare delivery system.


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