Go within

Our cities has been locked down. Schools and offices are all closed. People are wearing mask and stay at home. All of these are the result of the scare of Coronavirus Disease. The economy is slowing down so as you.

Since everyone of us are staying in the house. Our movement has been limited due to this Pandemic emergency. Lately i saw many post that people are seeking for help. They are looking for their Mayor and Barangay Captians to give them aid. But come to think of it, is everyone of us are sick?

We are not sick and those who are contracted by the Virus are being taken care of by the medical professionals. But us at home, we are all well and healthy. We are only limited on going out of our home to practice social distancing with strangers. Actually being at home is not a punishment for us but a precautionary measure that we will not be contracted with the Coronavirus Disease 2019. We should be thankful that life and wellness are still with us. But instead of complaining, let us take this opportunity to learn Home Skills and connect with our inner selves.

Practice Deep Breathing. This will calm your mind and relax your body. Drink a lot of water and it will flush out all of your body waste. Take a Bath to cool you down and it will make you safe from getting infected. And exercise, move your body to stretch. Do not be stubborn by still going out of your house. Think of what you can do and avoid being contracted with the disease. Stay at Home and be Safe!


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