Fractured Leg

In handling fractured leg, both medical and traditional healers know that moving the affected part of the body will only make the fracture worst. So the treatment for fracture is to limit the movement in order not to cause more harm and damage to the person.

It is believed that our bones has the capacity to heal it self specially when the person who had accident is young. So when it happen, traditional medicine practitioner apply pounded herbs to alleviate pain and wrap it with a stick so that it will prevent from movement.

It the same thing that is happening to the world right now. The whole world is experiencing a Pandemic Illness that needs to limit the movement of the people. Traditionally, we know that complete bed rest with proper nutrients will help us to recover. This is the same thing that we must do. We limit our social movement so that we can manage to strengthen our immunity to fight the virus that is spreading around the world.


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