Training Program

As part of our mission to preserve and restore the cultural aspect of Hilot we promote experiential learning opportunity to everyone through our 8 Days intensive live-in/ stay-in training program which is the Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan.

The Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Course is divided into two levels of working which is the Mind & Spiritual work and the second one is the Body Work Techniques and Manipulation. The training is very intensive that it may take 8 to hours of training per day that we require our students to stay in with us until we complete the required learning experience and mastery of each subject.

Schedule of Training are personalized depending on the choice of dates and the availability of the student to devote their time in learning. Food and Accommodation will be provided as well as the learning materials, tools and equipment. Potential students are encouraged to bring their own clothes and hygiene kit.

Training Fee is Php 38,2000.00 and we require two weeks reservation and a 30% non refundable down payment worth Php 11,460.00

While for those students who can not afford to enrol in our Hilot ng Aghamang Binabaylan Training Program, you can still become a Hilot Binabaylan through this 3 tier training program.

Apu Adman doing pagpapahid

First Level is the Basic Hilot Training which will provide our student/s with the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude towards performing basic traditional hilot manipulation whether on sitting position, lying on the bed in supine position face up and lying on the stomach in prone position as well as on body parts per specific condition. As the student learn to perform the basic hilot wellness massage procedures, s/he will also be able to answer patients query about the hilot and its philosophies and principles; our traditional concept of health, illness and wellness and other healing practices we perform in order to achieve the patients optimum health and wellness. For those who have already TESDA National Certification, the student must present their National Certificate and must pass the institutional evaluation through the demonstration of their skills. If you know basic massage then your skills will also be evaluated before admission to the training program.

Duration of Training

5 Days (40 Hours)

Training Fee:

Stay Out Php 13,200.00

Stay In Php 20,700.00 (with food and accommodation for 5 days)

The Second Level is the Intermediate Level on which the student will learn the importance as well as to perform the following to their patient:

Bentusa Fire Cupping
  • Suob, Hilod, Paligo
  • Dagdagay
  • Bentusa
  • Use of Bigkis

Duration of Training

3 Days (24 Hours)

Training Fee

Stay Out Php 9, 400.00

Stay In Php 13, 900.00 (with food and accommodation for 3 days)

On the Advance Level, our potential manghihilot or Hilot Binabaylan will be trained to be competent and proficient on the following:

  • Hilot Pulsuhan
  • Herbal Hilot


3 Days (24 Hours)

Training Fee

Stay Out Php 6, 240.00

Stay In Php 12,900.00 (with food and accommodation for 3 days)

We also offer Mastery Class to all of our graduates who successfully pass our Tier System which includes the following skills:

  • Fertility Hilot (Ideal for couples who are having hard time to have a baby)
  • Hilot sa Binat or Postpartum Depression for new mothers.
  • Hilot sa Pilay (Bali, Ipit Ugat, Lamig at Hangin)
  • Tawas (Traditional Alternative Wellness Analytic System/ or Traditional Filipino Spiritual Diagnostic Method)
  • Sibulan Adlaw Oracle
  • Kilubansa Healing (Kilubansa Elemental Name Energetic Balance Analysis)


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