Feedback on Amulaser food supplement

A friend of mine has a friend whom she want to help. This person is a woman abroad that has a good heart but suffers from great pain from her kidney stone. My heart is moved that i pray for her and send her some herbal tablets that i made which is Amulaser. After two weeks of taking the tablet, she private message me with a testimony.


” Good Evening Apu, Indeed i feel great as i wake up and there was time before for a whole day i could not climb the stairs in our house but today i can even lift 60 kilos of things. I am very thankful and hoping for my complete healing.”





A friend forwarded this message to me telling the amazing wonder of what Amulaser have made to her life.

“Good evening how are you? I already taken the herbal and i feel extra strong. My pain due to Rheumatism have gone and i can jog and run. I even have managed to lift towels with these extra strength i have after taking the herbs (Amulaser). ”



I am very happy to see this positive feedback that we gain after people taking our Herbal Food Supplement. It is my goal to help people improve their lives by simply removing their pain so that they could move and do again enjoy living their life. At the same time we give back the Glory to our Creator as she provide her blessings through Nature.


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