To be a Manghihilot

76602199_3198629430211362_4132682579490897920_oAs manghihilot we see first the solid ground where we stand and not the number of people we are going to heal and the amount of money we are going to earn for our treatment services. We heal the land first and cultivate it and allow the healing herbs to grow and be our tool in healing. We do not have the power of healing of our own but what we have is the power of life that animates us. And through the Life Force that flows within us, we share it first to the land and utilise the power of nature to provide life force in the land and later on we use the life force we can find in nature to provide cure to the illness of our fellow men. Indeed we should not be called as a Healer but instead we should be called as Care Taker of the Land. Because our tools in healing relies on the providence of the Divine that can be found in our Environment.

Healing it self does not come to the personal power of the healer. Our academic success, certificates, diploma, licenses does not make a person well and healed but through nature’s gift of life. As Manghihilot we must have more concern about the land where we live, the water we drink and the air we breathe. And we pray that the Sun and Moon to continue to provide us the light we need together with all the stars in the heavens above to guide us in our daily life while we are living in this world.

This is the reason why most of our ancestor manghihilot are not educated nor licensed professional because nature taught them the ways of healing. The evidence of their education can be measured through the number of Diploma, Certificate and Licenses we can earn but through the plants and herbs they grow and use to have a successful healing session with the person that is ill.



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