2019 Status of Habi

FB_IMG_1547645416443Year 2019 is almost over and before it end, we thank the Universe for its blessings and challenges that we have met through this year. At the start of the year i thought that it will be permanently Good Bye for Habi as i plan to stop sharing my knowledge and experience in Philippine Traditional Hilot and focus on attending to my Mother’s failing health. But despite of the situation while my mother is in the Hospital, i had an opportunity to be Interviewed on a TV Show at GMA 7 I juander about Hilot.

free consultationThe TV interview and my nanay’s condition encourage me to do well in Hilot that i started to formulate the Amulaser Tablet Herbal Food Supplement and that is the first blessings that came to Habi in 2019. Though in the past i already tried making herbal capsules and tea bags but it does not goes well for me. I’m not discouraging anyone not to use capsules but making herbal tablet works faster than using capsules or tea which you will learn more if you enroll to our Hilot Herbal Class.

When my nanay died, all my dreams for Hilot collapsed and said to my self to totally stop everything and keep it all to my self including my faith. The death of my nanay hurt me as i feel that i’ve been a failure. As people come to comfort the family through my nanay’s lost, the voice of the Spirit cheered me up and affirm that my Nanay want me to continue the works that i’ve started in preserving and promoting Philippine Traditional and Indigenous Medicine. And through Nanay’s Blessing she blessed us to produce new Hilot Binabaylan from Washington DC, USA; Turin, Italy; and in Grenoble, France. And on September i welcome Stroke patient for home visitation treatment.

As i meditate on the Status of Hilot Academy, i recognize our struggle in reintroducing Hilot to the world specially to our Fellow Filipino. The real meaning of Hilot is heavily calloused by the misconception that it is a form of massage due to the limitations of the government policy imposed to its practitioners in order for modern medicine to take place instead of applying the Traditional Wisdom of our Ancestors.

In Hilot academy we emphasize that Hilot is not just a form of Massage but a complete art and science of diagnostic, healthcare and treatment of physical, emotional and mental illness practiced by our ancestors. You will experience Authentic Hilot if you booked an appointment to visit us.

People might think that Hilot Academy of Binabaylan is a business for profit institution but in reality it is not.

Hilot Academy is an Educational Ministry member of Luntiang Aghama Natural Divine Arts Shrine of Healing Inc. The Academy only operates as an Educational Institution during the availability of the Students. HIlot Academy does not have School Calendar or specific dates when we offer our classes. All of our Training Program are designed for one-on-one or group actual sharing and transfer of technology to all who request to learn from us. Unlike regular schools that needs to meet the minimum number of enrollees before the training program to commence; in Hilot Academy we do our class even if there is only one enrollee.

During its operation, the Academy will ask certain amount of money to its student in a form of Training Fee that will compensate our trainers as well as for the expenses on the Training Modules, Materials, Venue, Food and Accommodation of he stay-in student/s. Not all day, weeks or month we have student. So if we rely our living to the income that we earn through teaching hilot, it will not sustain the daily living of our volunteers. The operation of the Academy is purely based on dedication and in its advocacy to preserve our Traditional and Indigenous Medicine which is part of our Cultural Identity as Filipino.

By the Year 2020, we will still continue to share our knowledge of Filipino Traditional, Indigenous and Natural Medicine in preservation and promotion of Hilot. But this coming year, we will focus on Herbal Cultivation and Production so that we can share it to people who are in need. Students who will enroll into our Training Program will have the chance to sponsor underpreviledged individual that is suffering from Cancer, Diabetes or KIdney problem to have free Amulaser Herbal Tablet that could help them relieve from their condition. We believe that Mother Nature has a cure for our illness and through your enrollment to us we can extend the blessings of healing to come to those people using our product.

With these goal in 2020, Hilot Academy of Binabaylan will document all the plants, herbs and trees that grow in our backyard. We already have Aloe Vera, Acapulco, Avocado, Cacao, Guava, Guyabano, Gotu kola, Makabuhay, Mulberry, Mugwort, Nyog Nyogan (Ficus Psuedopalma Blanco), Serpentina, Sinenguelas, Turmeric, Star Apple, oregano, pandan, tungkod pari, Mango and Lagundi. We will set a special page of these plants on our website indicating its medicinal properties and the illnesses that it could heal.

We will utilize these gifts of Mother Nature to us and apply our knowledge in manufacturing Herbal Products such as Healing Oil, Salve, Liniment, Tincture, Syrup, Medicated Bath Soap, and Herbal Tablet as food supplements.

Our doors will remain open to those who seek healing through hilot and they can have it through donation basis. The elderly specially those who suffer from cardio vascular ailments such as stroke will be our outmost priority and the only case that we can do for home.visitation treatment. Couples who want help in having a baby must book an appointment to have fertility hilot session.

To have an appointment kindly email us at hilot.binabaylan@gmail.com or give me a call at +639952467040


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