Kilubansa as a Powerful tool

Early this morning i had conversation with one of our graduates testifying to the greatness of Kilubansa as a tool.

We had a nice insight this morning about kilubansa. She realised that most of our name come from our ancestors meaning that we inherit most of our bodies from our ancestors. Kilubansa put in light the problems that can emerge from this body and it’s up to us to reverse to “bad” side of the body and keep the circle of “I inherited this so, there is nothing I can do about it”.Such a powerful tool!

And he continue to testify:

Reading the kilubansa of a friend who has: Air: 0, fire: 4, water: 2, earth: 5 I saw that what we do and it can help us balance. Because this friend used to have asthma until I started to go a lot surfing in the ocean. So the contact of water and the fact of swimming a lot helped him enhance air and water element. And since then, we doesn’t have any asthma!

and my response was:

Wow! Yes that is great too. Since Water is the Mother of Air and its Father is Fire. Activity in the Water is like Water + Fire put together that will produce air. i am seeing this person as a young child to be thin and weak. but as he grow and engage in activity he develop immunity that strengthen him.

Indeed that the Medicine of our Ancestors are coming back to us. Through Hilot Academy of Binabaylan, the people of the next Generation will still enjoy and benefit from our Ancestral Medicine which is indigenous to our Country.


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