Correspondent for Thesis

I recieved an email dated March 25, 2019 from a Student of Ateneo De Manila University that says:


My name is Ignacio and I am writing my thesis on traditional medicine, specifically on the manghihilots who practice hilot and how these manghihilots transmit, construct, and reconstruct knowledge and practice of hilot.
I am looking for manghihilots to interview and I am contacting Hilot Academy Binabaylan because I am interested in interviewing manghihilots trained by the association as well as the manghihilots who hold the training classes. If I may ask, I am also interested in interviewing Mr. Apu Adman Aghama.
I am hoping that we can schedule some interviews during March 31- April 5. Please let me know if there are any manghihilots willing to be interviewed. I am also flexible in terms of the location of the interview.
Hoping to hear from you soon.”

I responded to his invitation to become a correspondent and this day March 31, 2019 he arrived to the Shrine with his questionaires and the interview lasted from 3pm to 7pm.

We are so glad that Ignacio came through his academic writings we have delivered the current status of Hilot in our country. We have shared that the hilot that the current society know such as the commercial spa hilot is different from the Hilot of our ancestors.


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